Do Insulation Batts Really Work?

Do insulation batts really work?

Building or renovating? A good strong door, a fresh coat of paint, a well landscaped front yard, new fittings in the bathroom – what you see is often what you get, and if it looks good, then you’ll probably be happy with the result. With insulation batts it’s a bit different. Home renovators will often “uhm” and “ah” about thermal and acoustic insulation..

Do I really need it, will it make a difference? How much R-value should I invest in… will thermal be enough, or should I invest in thermal-and-acoustic (sound) insulation batts also? And perhaps deep down inside there’s this uncomfortable skeptic, not convinced that there will be any real benefit. So what are the magic benefits of thermal insulation..? And will you notice any difference?

Year Round Indoor Comfort

Many older homes have no insulation in the walls, and (though hard to believe, after the now infamous “Pink Batts Debacle”) there are still many Australian homes without even any ceiling insulation.This puts the home owners – or the tenant – at a distinct disadvantage. Quite simply, an insulated ceiling increases indoor comfort – all year round, but especially noticeable during the hottest and coldest months of the year. Insulation batts contain literally millions of invisible air-pockets. These restrict the transfer of heat and cold through one of the most exposed areas of the house – the roof / ceiling area. Usually the insulation batts will simply be installed between the ceiling joists, but in the case of habitable attic conversions, then more creative solution needs to be found, since the ceiling cavity itself then needs to be kept at a reasonable temperature. The solution here is to focus on the area immediately underneath the roof itself – typically a combination of foil and bulk insulation will provide the required result.

Year Round Energy Savings

Insulation batts, correctly installed in the walls and ceilings will vastly reduce the amount of energy required to heat the house in winter, and keep it cool in summer. In fact, a proper level of insulation can more than halve your heating and cooling bill! But how does floor insulation work? Does underfloor insulation make a difference too? Yes, not only will you create a more comfortable flooring temperature, you will also save on your energy bills. So comfort factors aside, thermal insulation is a logical investment which in simple dollars terms, will usually “pay itself off” after only a few years.

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