Can I Pick Up My Order of Insulation?

Pick up from Pricewise Insulation is available during business hours from our Melbourne and Sydney warehouses, by prior appointment. We can in some instances arrange pick up directly from one of our partner suppliers, located in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and a number of regional centres.


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Bring Tie Down Straps When Picking Up Your Insulation

If you are picking up your insulation order yourself and transporting them in an open vehicle, such as a ute, make sure you bring sufficient straps, ropes or similar. Tie the bags or bales down securely before you drive off. If you are picking up bags of insulation, you may notice that one end of the bag is open. This end should be facing away from the cab. If the bags of insulation are facing the wrong way, they are practically inviting the wind to come and catch them, making it unsafe for the driver.

Picking Up Insulation in Wet Weather

Check the weather forecast and make sure you bring a tarpaulin or some sort of cover if there is a chance of rain. Insulation bags are open at one end and the material is susceptible to becoming wet in wet weather. You don’t want the insulation you just paid for getting wet in transit.

Can I Install Wet Insulation? 

No! No! No! Never install wet insulation. It is effectively useless anyway, because the air gaps which give it its insulating properties are no longer there. Good quality bulk insulation is filled with millions of tiny air pockets and without them it just doesn’t work. Some people may take wet insulation batts outside to dry them, but this is not recommended. It is virtually impossible to remove every last trace of water that has seeped into the insulation batts. Water particles can become lodged in the inner parts of the insulation and may cause widespread mould issues in the long term. Even if you could be certain that all the moisture had been removed, the insulation batts will have suffered compression during the time it was wet and may not expand to their original size, meaning fewer air pockets and reduced effectiveness.

Photo of a man installing Bradford Soundscreen Insulation
Photo of a man installing Pink Batts glasswool insulation
Photo of a man installing Bradford Insulation in a roof

Pick Up Options Available

Many of our partner suppliers allow you to pick your order up yourself, saving you a delivery fee. Find out if there is an insulation manufacturer near you and get ready to place your order:

Capital cities

Adelaide – CSR Bradford, Foilboard, Kingspan

Brisbane – CSR Bradford, Autex (Greenstuf), Kingspan

Canberra – CSR Bradford

MelbourneKnauf, CSR Bradford, Autex (Greenstuf), Kingspan

Perth – CSR Bradford, Autex (Greenstuf), Kingspan

SydneyKnauf, CSR Bradford, Autex (Greenstuf), Kingspan


Coffs Harbour, NSW – CSR Bradford

Newcastle, NSW – CSR Bradford

Orange, NSW – CSR Bradford

Townsville, QLD – CSR Bradford

Ballarat, VIC – CSR Bradford

Bendigo, VIC – CSR Bradford

Geelong, VIC – CSR Bradford

Shepparton, VIC – CSR Bradford

Traralgon, VIC – CSR Bradford