Does Pricewise Also Install Insulation?

Installing insulation is not a particularly technical task and there are many people who are prepared to install their own insulation. Often, it’s just a matter of simply fitting the batts snugly between the timber joists and ensuring that no gaps are left for optimal performance R-value. However, there are many reasons that customers look into having their insulation professionally installed…

  • They might find the insulation material unpleasant to touch
  • They may suffer from asthma or other allergies
  • Some customers are not able to meet the physical demands of the job
  • There might be time restraints
  • The job may have difficult to access areas, such as cramped roof cavities

… just to mention a few.

Professional Installation Services in Sydney and Melbourne

Installing insulation is not difficult to learn and most professional installers will agree that it doesn’t take a lot of experience before you become highly skilled and complete the job with ease. In Melbourne and Sydney, we have professional installers who can install your insulation for you. Our installers typically finish a job in less than a day and take all their rubbish with them.

Can I Book an Insulation Installation on the Weekend?

Most of our customers prefer to be home when the installer arrives to do the job, but we also realise that they may have inflexible working hours during the week. To cater for this, we also schedule in jobs for the weekends. Contact us to book in a professional installer.

Installing Wall Insulation Batts around electrical sockets
We have professional installers in Melbourne and Sydney
Photo of Knauf Earthwool Ceiling - Pricewise Insulation Sydney Warehouse
We supply and install Knauf Earthwool Insulation
Pricewise Insulation is a professional insulation install service in Melbourne and Sydney
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What Time Can I Expect the Installer to Arrive?

Most installers start very early in the day. This allows them to get more work done in the day, but this is not the main reason. It fundamentally boils down to safety. During the warmer months of the year especially, the roof cavity can become dangerously hot to work in by the time the sun has been beating down for a little while. The more work that gets out of the way early in the day the better.

Do You Install Insulation Outside Melbourne and Sydney?

If your house or site is outside Sydney or Melbourne, we recommend that you get in touch with a local insulation installer. We work with multiple suppliers and transport companies all over Australia, so we are able to deliver insulation to you no matter where you live. Our installers, however, are limited to Melbourne and Sydney.

Safety Considerations if You Are Planning to Do it Yourself

If you are planning to install your own insulation just make sure that you take the necessary safety precautions. The material itself is quite safe to work with, but it’s still recommended that you wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), especially if you are working in dusty environments such as roof cavities or under the house. It’s mostly common sense, when you think about it, for example wearing safety glasses when installing fibreglass insulation above your head. Take care when installing underfloor insulation, as there may be bits of broken glass or other sharp objects lying under the house from the time it was built. Light up the area you are working in and move around slowly.


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