How Much Does Delivery Cost?

In greater Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, delivery is charged at a flat $85 including GST. Delivery to Canberra, other towns and regional centres varies in costs. Online delivery prices for regional areas range from $100 – $175. If your location is not listed as a delivery option then please contact us for a quote.

Compare the Combined Cost of Insulation and Delivery for Different Brands

Bulk insulation takes up a fair amount of space, even when it has been compressed into bags. For this reason, many suppliers offer a delivery service along with their products, saving you the hassle of handling and transporting the bales around yourself. If you are looking for a good deal, pricewise, take into consideration the delivery cost as well as the cost of the actual material before you finalise your purchase. It may be that a more expensive brand comes with a cheaper delivery fee resulting in a lower price overall.

Latest Delivery Prices

Compression Packaged Earthwool Might Be a Pick-Up Option

Insulation batts of all makes come in polybags and the amount of square metre coverage in the bag largely depends on the r-value (and thickness) of the insulation batts in the bag. Earthwool batts are packaged using advanced compression packaging technology, meaning one bag of Earthwool may contain over twice as much insulation as other brands of the same R-value. Builders and DIY renovators inevitably save on transport costs as a smaller delivery vehicle may suffice. Find out how many bags of insulation you are able to fit into your pick-up vehicle and compare this with how many bags you would need if you ordered Knauf’s Earthwool brand. You might discover that you can save yourself a delivery fee and pick up your order yourself.

Polyester Insulation Takes Up More Space

Out of all the types of bulk insulation polyester is the most pleasant to work with. It is important to note, however, that today’s glass wool insulation is much improved to what was commonly sold on the market several decades ago, so the difference between working with the two different types is not as great as it used to be. Being such a large product, polyester insulation can be quite costly to store and to transport. In fact, polyester takes up the most space of all bulk insulation at the same R-value. Greenstuf polyester insulation is therefore commonly manufactured to order and shipped directly out of the nearest factory to the home or building site where it will be installed. If your own vehicle is not able to fit your polyester insulation order and you are looking to cut the delivery cost, you may find that the same amount of insulation as glasswool will fit into your vehicle.

Urgent Deliveries

If time is of the essence and you are depending on a speedy delivery or pick up, contact Pricewise Insulation on 1300 729 639. We work with multiple transport companies around the country and over 80 warehouses in Australia. Our friendly team will be able to assist you with the fastest delivery possible.

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