Is a hot or cold shower best after working with insulation?

Is a hot or cold shower best after working with insulation?

You’d be surprised how many times we get asked this question. The common theory is that a cold shower is better than a hot shower, because hot water will cause the skin pores to open up, exposing them to any minute glasswool strands which might be lying on your skin..

How Itchy is Modern Day Glasswool Insulation?

Glasswool (also known as fibreglass insulation) manufacturers have come a long way in developing clean, safe and comfortable products. Knauf’s “Earthwool“, Fletcher’s “Pink Batts” and CSR Bradford’s “Gold Batts” are all quality fiberglass insulation products. Knauf Earthwool is without question the softest and least ‘itchy’ of these three brands. This is because the fibres are longer and softer, resulting in less ‘ends’ to cause irritation. Any itchy sensation experienced from installing Earthwool is purely ‘mechanical’ – i.e. it has nothing to do with binding agents or other chemicals, but may rather be caused by some almost invisible strands clinging to your clothes and rubbing on your skin. While we can’t claim to have conducted any extensive testing and research on this topic, our installers will definitely agree that initially rinsing off in cool water first, before taking a hot shower, is the recommended approach.

Want zero itch and dust?

If you want insulation with no dust and no itch then consider a polyester option like GreenStuf Ceiling Insulation. It will cost you a bit more, but it does top the list for comfortable handling during the installation process.

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