Installing pipe lagging insulation can help to reduce noise and save energy

Potential Energy Savings with Pipe Lagging

Energy is required to heat your water, but some of this heat can be lost through the pipes as the hot water travels from the water heater to the taps in your home…

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Advice on which ceiling insulation batts to buy

Buying the Right Ceiling Insulation

The ceiling is by far the easiest part of the house to insulate, from an accessibility point of view. Insulating your ceiling will also have the biggest impact on your energy bills.

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Insulation can help to keep your home warm in Winter

Install Ceiling Insulation for Winter

Winter is here and it’s time to pull out the draft stoppers, hot water bottles and woollen socks. It’s also time to install ceiling insulation batts if your home is under insulated.

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Replacing old ceiling insulation with new roof insulation batts

Replacing Old House Insulation with New

Not all old homes are insulated and the state of the insulation of houses that were insulated many decades ago can vary a lot. Is it time to replace your insulation?

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How to keep your floor warm in winter with underfloor insulation batts

Common Misconceptions About Cold Floors

Understanding the factors that contribute to a cold floor can help you resolve the problem and lead to added comfort and savings on your energy bills.

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Installing Wall Insulation Batts In New Builds

Installing Wall Insulation Batts In New Builds

Installing wall insulation batts in new homes is a relatively simple process. The installers are usually called in immediately before the plastering is due to commence.

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How to install insulation around plumbing and electrical works

Installing Around Plumbing and Electrical Work

By the time the insulation installers are called in, the plumbers and electricians have installed wiring and pipes throughout the house. This can be a bit of a challenge for the insulation installers to work around…

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Victorian State Funded Pilot Program Supports Carbon Neutral Homes

Victorian State Funded Insulation Pilot Program

The Victorian Labor Government has announced that they plan to work with home builders and land developers in a pilot program to build new homes that have zero net carbon emissions.

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Photo of a man installing ceiling retrofit insulation in an old home

Installing Retrofit Ceiling Insulation Batts

The worst retrofit insulation jobs are not for the faint hearted, while others are relatively simple. Most roof insulation installers start very early in the day to avoid the heat of the day in Summer.

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Insulation supplier in Melbourne and Sydney - Residential and commercial insulation

Finding the Right Insulation Suppliers For You

The process of purchasing and transporting insulation from supplier to building site doesn’t have to be complicated and finding the right insulation suppliers can make all the difference…

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Insulation ratings and the Residential Tenancies Act in Canberra

Call for Updated Residential Tenancies Act in Canberra

Better Renting Director Joel Dignam said that almost fifty percent of renters live in houses that can be described as “glorified tents”, resulting in higher energy bills, higher carbon emissions and poor health.

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Choosing which insulation batts to buy for your walls and ceiling

Designing Tailored Insulation Solutions For You

Building a home in Australia without house insulation is no longer an option like it was a few decades ago. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) now sets out specific insulation standards…

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Australian insulation brands including Autex Greenstuf Polyester Insulation

What Do Insulation Brands Have to Offer?

For years insulation installers and DIY renovators had been putting up with itchy glasswool insulation that was uncomfortable to work with. What has changed?

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Installing sound insulation batts can help to reduce noise within the home

A Perspective on Family Living and Acoustics

In many homes, conflicts can arise as a result of vastly differing acoustic needs. Things like the volume of the TV being too high, someone playing loud music in their room…

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A photo of a new home with insulation installed in the roof. Blog post about how insulation works.

How Does Insulation Actually Work?

Insulation works is by restricting the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of your home. Millions of air pockets help to restrict the transfer of heat…

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Photo of a man installing insulation in a roof. Blog post that answers the questions 'Do Insulation Batts Really Work?'

Will Insulation Make a Difference?

Do I really need it, will it make a difference? Insulation installed correctly in the walls, ceilings and even underfloor of your home, will reduce your energy consumption…

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New Liveability Appraisal Available for Properties on the Market in Australia

New Liveability Appraisal Available for Properties

Vendors of new and established homes will finally be able to showcase their homes’ running costs and comforts through a new checklist of features added to listings.

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Photo of a man installing insulation. Blog post about 'Does my home need insulation?'

Does My House Need Insulation?

Ceiling insulation alone can reduce electricity consumption by up to 40%. If you live in a noisy neighborhood then consider installing thermal and sound insulation…

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How to install wall insulation DIY

How to Install Wall Insulation (DIY Tips)

Installing wall insulation is not difficult in itself. Simply split open the bag, take one wall batt at a time and insert it between the vertical wall studs…

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Reflective foil insulation installed in a warehouse

Reasons to Install Reflective Insulation

Properly installed reflective roof insulation increases the overall performance R-value and has the additional benefit of keeping the roof cooler…

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Acoustic panels for cafes, restaurants and shops

Acoustic Panels for Cafes and Libraries

A well-designed café is acoustically designed to facilitate moderate noise reverberation. Acoustic panels can help to reduce noise and give customers a sense of privacy.

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