Pink Batts vs Earthwool Insulation - Blog post about which brand is best

Pink Batts vs Earthwool

So which product is actually better, when you compare Pink Batts vs Earthwool? Well that may depend on what’s most important to you. First let’s look at the similarities…

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Photo of a man installing glasswool insulation. Blog post about fibreglass vs glasswool insulation

Fibreglass vs Glasswool

What’s the difference between fibreglass and glasswool? Glasswool insulation is made from recycled glass bottles, sand and other materials which are then melted…

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Photo of a baby crawling in polyester insulation. Blog post about 'Polyester vs Glasswool'

Polyester vs Glasswool

Most insulation brands sold in Australia are made from glasswool, also known as fibreglass. Glasswool has numerous benefits which make it such effective insulation…

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Photo of a running shower. Blog post about whether a hot or cold shower is best after working with glasswool or fibreglass insulation

Hot or Cold Shower?

Is a hot or cold shower best after working with insulation? Our installers will definitely agree that initially rinsing off in cool water first after installing glasswool insulation…

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Photo of a man installing an insulation roll. Blog post about insulation batts versus insulation rolls

Insulation Batts vs Rolls

There is an argument which suggests that insulation rolls are better than batts because there are less ‘gaps’ for air to escape through. This is hardly relevant…

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Photo of a man cutting Earthwool Insulation. Blog post about whether there is wool in Earthwool

Is There Wool in Earthwool?

We occasionally get asked if there is wool in Earthwool. These insulation batts are actually made from recycled glass bottles, sand and other materials…

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Photo of a tree in winter and summer. Blog post about what time of the year is best for installing insulation

Which Season is Best for Installing Insulation?

You might be wondering what the best time of year is to insulate your home. There are benefits for installing ceiling insulation in Summer and in Winter…

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Blog image about building for a sustainable future with insulation

Building for a Sustainable Future

Insulation has in recent decades become an integral part of modern building structure. Most buildings need insulation, or at least benefit greatly from it…

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Photo of a infrared scanner measuring a house. Blog post about what thermal bridging means

What Does Thermal Bridging Mean?

Whether you are installing thermal insulation in your ceiling, walls or elsewhere, it’s important to understand the basic meaning of thermal bridging…

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Photo of Melbourne city. Blog post article about which insulation R-value is best in Melbourne

Buying Insulation in Melbourne

Many of our customers ask what R-value insulation to install in their roof. Melbourne’s climate is on average cooler than the other major capital cities…

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Photo of a Melbourne insulation team. Blog post about local insulation suppliers in Australia

Looking for an Insulation Supplier?

Insulation is a bulky product and if you need more than just a few bags, then it is easier to get it delivered to your home in Melbourne or Sydney rather than picking it up…

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Photo of a man installing insulation in a ceiling. Blog post with tips for people installing insulation for the first time

Top Tips for First Time Installers

Roof insulation can be installed before or after plaster. Often the insulation installers will find it easier to install before plaster. Working as a team of two has many benefits…

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Photo of a woman installing wall insulation. Blog post about fitting 75mm insulation in a 70mm wall cavity

Fitting 75mm in a 70mm Wall

Many customers in Melbourne and Sydney ask if you can install a 75mm insulation batt in a 70mm wall cavity, or if it will damage the plasterboard.

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Photo of a man removing roof tiles. Blog post about what to do if your manhole is too small when you are installing insulation

Is Your Manhole Too Small?

The bag of Earthwool insulation won’t fit through the manhole. Some installers choose to pull back a few roof tiles and load the bags through the roof…

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Photo of a woman leaning against wall insulation. Blog post about 'What does insulation mean?'

What Does Insulation Mean?

Good insulation can be understood as a substance that is difficult for heat to pass through.  Good conductors are substances that are easy for heat to pass through…

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Photo of polystyrene insulation. Blog post about how effective polystyrene insulation is

Is Polystyrene Insulation Effective?

Polystyrene insulation is near odourless, making it a popular choice with many professional installers. Unlike glasswool, XPS has a dense structure…

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Photo of a home in Spring. Blog post about ceiling insulation

Does Your Ceiling Have Insulation?

When people move into a new home (“new”, as in a home they haven’t lived in before) checking roof space for ceiling insulation probably isn’t a priority…

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Photo of a house near the beach. Blog post about the increased comfort you get with good quality home insulation

The Benefits of Better Insulation Ratings

One of the factors determining how well home insulation will perform is the thickness of the material.  The higher the R-value rating, the better it will perform…

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 Autex Quietspace Acoustic Panels - Reduce Noise

Install Insulated Panels to Reduce Noise

If you’re dealing with a simple noise echo problem in a large space, you can be quite sure that applying insulated panels to an adequate area will greatly assist in reducing reverberated noise…

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Buying Cheap Insulation in Melbourne

Shopping for Cheap Insulation in Melbourne

Every now and then insulation can appear for sale at a significantly lower price than anywhere else that insulation is commonly sold. Read our tips about buying cheap insulation in Melbourne.

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Professional retrofit roof insulation installer

Follow the Day of a Retro-Fit Insulation Installer

It’s a very early start for most roof insulation installers. Not only do they get more work done that way, but the roof space gets very hot as soon as the sun hits it can start to get very warm…

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Photo of a man installing sound insulation. Blog post with tips for people renovating their home

Home Renovation Tips – Install Sound Batts

If you are renovating your home then we recommend installing sound insulation. This will reduce the amount of sound that enters your home from the outside. This includes sound from cars, dogs and planes…

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Photo of a woman feeling cold on the couch. Blog post about insulation and winter

Did You Keep Warm This Winter?

If they are in fact heating their house, then why is it still cold? It doesn’t make sense. Hot air doesn’t simply disappear, it rises. And if nothing is there to stop it, it will rise through the roof…

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Photo of glass bottles. Knauf Earthwool Insulation is made from recycled glass

Earthwool – A Long Stretch of Glass

One insulation batt contains up to 15 glass bottles, so if you joined all the strands of glass in one insulation batt together it would almost be long enough to wrap twice around the planet Earth…

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Photo of a man installing underfloor insulation. Blog post with the reasons why to install floor insulation in your home

Reasons to Install Underfloor Insulation

Most building materials do not have particularly high insulating properties, so even if you’ve sealed all the gaps in your floor, warmth is still able to escape…

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Photo of Australia showing the different climate zones.

What are Insulation Climate Zones?

Are you living in a hot or cold climate? Australia is divided broadly into 8 Climate Zones, ranging from the hot areas of northern Australia, to the alpine areas…

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Photo of a house with protective Bradford wrap installed. Blog post about whether reflective foil wall wrap is really needed

 Does Every House Need Foil Wrap?

Opinions vary as to whether wall wrap is a must, or whether it can be considered an optional extra. Typically, in very hot and humid climates, it is given more priority…

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Photo of a home theatre room. Blog post about soundproofing your theatre

Soundproof Your Home Theatre Room

Theatre rooms and TV rooms should always be insulated with sound insulation. A great product to consider is Knauf’s Earthwool R2.7 Acoustic Insulation…

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Photo of Newcastle from the air. Blog post about buying insulation in Newcastle, New South Wales

Buying Insulation in Newcastle, NSW

We can deliver your insulation order directly to your home or site address in or around Newcastle, as early as the next business day. Earthwool can be delivered for just $95.

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A cross section image of a house showing how Bradford Soundscreen Acoustic Insulation works

How Does Acoustic Insulation Work?

The importance of acoustic insulation should not be underestimated. If you are renovating or building, then you should consider it before the plaster is installed.

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Photos of a couple looking at their energy bills. Energy prices are on the rise in Australia

Rising Energy Prices – Think Higher R-Value

How quickly does insulation pay itself back?  From July 1st 2017, an average Australian family can expect to pay hundreds of dollars more per year for their energy use…

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Photo of a granny flat. Blog post about what insulation you should use in a portable house

Tips for Insulating Your Granny Flat

Consider using a combined thermal and acoustic insulation in the walls of your granny flat or portable home. This will help to block out unwanted noise transfer from outside…

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Photo of the Three Sisters. Blog post about buying insulation in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains – Home Insulation Tips

We often get asked which R-Value we recommend for houses in the Blue Mountains region. This will depend on a number of factors such as temperature and shading…

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Photo of a woman with an allergy sneezing into a tissue. Polyester insulation is recommended for people with severe asthma

Are You Allergic to Insulation?

If you suffer from asthma or serious dust allergies, then you should think extra carefully before climbing into an old ceiling space. You might also want to consider polyester…

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Photo of Brisbane city. Blog post about buying insulation batts in Brisbane

Buying Pink Batts in Brisbane

Looking for a insulation supplier in Brisbane? We deliver Fletcher Pink Batts to Brisbane and Gold Coast customers as early as the next business day.

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Photo of reflective foil installed in a roof. Blog post about how reflective foil insulation works.

How Does Reflective Foil Insulation Work?

Reflective foil insulation works by providing a radiant barrier between a hot surface, and the area on the other side – e.g. between the roof of a house and ceiling space underneath…

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Photo of a man removing insulation. Blog post about topping up old insulation

Topping Up or Removing Old Insulation

If your current roof insulation is of a very poor quality or distributed unevenly, then we recommend that you to consider cleaning out the ceiling and replacing it with new batts…

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Photo from Adelaide city. Blog post about buying Earthwool Insulation in Adelaide

Buying Insulation in Adelaide

Knauf’s range of Earthwool insulation is gaining popularity in Adelaide with both commercial builders and home builders and DIY renovators. It is less itchy…

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Photo of a woman carrying Earthwool Insulation. Blog post about buying insulation in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

Metro and Regional Deliveries

Pricewise Insulation services all major capital cities and a number of regional centres across Australia. Knauf Earthwool and Pink Batts are usually the cheapest to transport.

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Pink Batts Scheme - Insulation Businesses Suing Australian Government

Government Unsympathetic Towards Opportunists

More than 140 insulation suppliers and businesses are suing the Australian government over the terminated home-insulation program in 2010, claiming that many were left in financial ruin…

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