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Autex GreenStuf Polyester Insulation

Autex GreenStuf Polyester Insulation batts are designed for the thermal insulation of buildings and can be used in ceilings, internal and external wallsunderfloors and mid-floor cavities. Greenstuf is an exceptionally clean and pleasant product to work with and is a proven favourite among experts for both ceiling insulation and wall insulation, and is perfect for homes across Australia.The polyester batts come as insulation segments pre-cut to fit standard timber-framed walls and ceilings. Thermally bonded into shape, GreenStuf Autex Insulation Batts are designed to be self-supporting and require no stapling into place.

$ 5.58$ 22.68 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 3.92$ 15.59 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 4.53$ 10.03 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 9.48$ 12.64 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 17.50 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 7.20 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 6.08$ 12.22 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 11.81$ 14.41 p/m2 inc. GST

GreenStuf Insulation Batts are made from 100% polyester

The insulation contains no breathable particles, and is a perfect choice for home owners where asthma or other severe dust allergies are a concern. If you plan to use part of your ceiling space for storage, then this may be a further reason to invest in GreenStuf polyester insulation. It is completely itch free and has a more appealing look compared to glasswool or other types of insulation.

Downloads Greenstuf® Insulation:

+ Greenstuf® Blanket Underfloor datasheet
+ Greenstuf® Sound Solution datasheet
+ Greenstuf® Thermal Batts datasheet
+ Greenstuf® Installation Guide
+ Greenstuf® Underfloor Installation Guide

Autex – the company behind GreenStuf

Autex was initially founded in 1967. At that time, it was a manufacturer of carpet underfelts and specialty backings for vinyl flooring. Short afterwards they set up a plant to produce needle-punched polypropylene carpets, including the popular D.I.Y. carpet tile. The carpet range grew rapidly and it was during the 1980’s that Autex branched into bonded polyester –  for furniture, bedware and later GreenStuf Insulation. Today Autex is one of the largest manufacturers of non-woven textiles in Australia, with operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Autex insulation is completely different from glasswool, and in fact contains no recycled glass, but rather is made from recycled plastic bottles. GreenStuf is totally free of any irritants and contains no airborne fibers, and can easily be torn to length during the installation process.

Energy savings for the life of your home

GreenStuf insulation batts are an investment, and if properly installed, can be expected to last as long as your home. If your existing home currently has no ceiling insulation, then installing GreenStuf or other insulation in the ceiling cavity can help to drastically reduce your power bills. If you need advice on your insulation project, please call 1300 729 639 or send an email to


GreenStuff insulation is easy to install. The poly insulation batts are can easily be torn to length, and no protective clothing is required to handle

the insulation. GreenStuf Underfloor insulation is installed by stapling the rolls into place between the joists. The 450mm rolls are designed for 430mm joist widths to ensure a 10mm overlap on each side. This photo shows the installer fitting the insulation snugly against the floor above. If you’re installing Green Stuff Polyester Insulation batts or rolls yourself then don’t forget to first check the video below.

Videos Greenstuf Insulation

How to Install GreenStuf Underfloor Insulation

How to Install GreenStuf Ceiling Insulation

Autex Etch Acoustic Insulation Panels - Polyester Sound Insulation

Etch – Autex’s New Decorative Acoustic Wall Fabric

Acoustic panels act as a sound absorber and are effective in managing acoustics in libraries, offices, classrooms and other confined spaces. Panels are placed strategically around the room to achieve the desired level of noise reduction. The number of panels used, their thickness and their location within the space depends on how much sound is to be absorbed. This will vary, depending on the intended use of the space.

Customising the Amount of Sound Absorption

Libraries, for example, should be as quiet as possible, so a larger proportion of surfaces is lined with acoustic panels. Total sound absorption in restaurants, on the other hand, is not at all desirable. Customers do want to be able to hold a decent conversation at their table without straining to hear what their friends and family are saying over a whole lot of other noise.  But some background noise is essential to facilitate a live atmosphere; this is the “buzz” that is often associated with a popular café or restaurant. This also gives the customers the freedom to talk without being overheard by other diners or waiting staff.

Autex Etch Acoustic Insulation Panels - Polyester Sound Insulation

Autex Etch Acoustic Insulation Panels - Polyester Sound Insulation

Sound Waves and Reverberation

Sound waves travel through the air in a straight line. When they hit different materials, some of them are reflected, some are absorbed and some are transmitted through the material. What happens to the sound waves depends on the properties of the material. As a general rule, soft and dense materials tend to absorb sound, thin materials transmit sound and hard surfaces reflect sound. If then, you are in a room which is lined with hard surfaces, a noise that is produced will literally “bounce” around the room until it eventually dissipates. Having several sources of sound in this room, for example several conversations going at once combined with a few chairs scraping the floor, creates what can be described as nothing less than acoustic chaos.

Stylish Acoustic Design Solution with Etch Wall Fabric

The materials used to line walls and ceilings have a big impact on the acoustics of the room as does the absence or presence of carpet on the floor. Etch is an exciting new addition to Autex’s range of acoustic panels. Created using laser technology, Etch is a wall fabric combining design, colour and texture. It is available in 28 different colours and 15 standard patterns or can be ‘Etched’ to any custom design. This means that you no longer have to choose between aesthetics and acoustics, as it is now possible to create a functional space with a modern interior design.

A Decorative, Functional and Durable Interior Finish

Etch is suitable for commercial offices, theatres, libraries, retail, hospitality and education spaces. The fabric can be installed directly onto existing surfaces or can be used in combination with Autex acoustic panels to provide a range of noise management alternatives. Etch comes in a range of thicknesses. The thicker the fabric, the higher its sound absorption properties. The range of colours you can choose from means you can mix and match, bringing a unique flare to your space.

Autex Etch Acoustic Insulation Panels - Polyester Sound Insulation

Autex Etch Acoustic Insulation

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