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When buying insulation in Melbourne the main thing to consider is the insulation R-value. Many home owners are installing high R-values such as 2.5HD wall insulation and R5.0 ceiling insulation to help reduce their energy bills.

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Melbourne Insulation R-Value

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend a minimum of R2.0 wall insulation and R4.0 ceiling insulation in Melbourne.  The higher the R-value the better the thermal performance. Once the walls have been plastered up it is too late to upgrade R-value.

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Sound Insulation Batts for Homes

Installing sound insulation in the walls of your office, bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms can help to create a more peaceful home. R2.0 HD or R2.5 HD wall insulation batts are perfect for this sort of application. For more information call 03 8592 4799.

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$ 4.46$ 12.02 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 5.58$ 22.68 p/m2 inc. GST

Foilboard Insulation

Foilboard Rigid Insulation Panels

$ 7.38$ 33.00 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 5.09$ 13.00 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 11.11$ 24.50 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 4.81$ 24.50 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 4.72$ 9.58 p/m2 inc. GST
$ 9.00$ 9.10 p/m2 inc. GST

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Reduce Energy

Investing in higher R-values gives a good return on investment because insulation has a fast pay back time. According to ICANZ, installing ceiling, wall and floor insulation can save you up to $478 per year on electricity.

Optimal Results

For optimal results we recommend installing R2.5 HD insulation in the external walls, R2.0 HD insulation in the internal walls and R6.0 insulation in the ceilings. It is also important that the insulation is installed correctly.

Theatre Rooms

For home theatre rooms we recommend installing R2.7 HD acoustic wall insulation. If you live in a double story home then you can also insulate between floors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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$75 Deliveries

Buy insulation online and get it delivered within 1-3 days in Melbourne. You can select your preferred delivery or pickup date at checkout. For a same day Melbourne insulation deliveries please give us a call on (03) 8592 4799. We are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

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Free Pickups

Melbourne insulation pickups are free! Knauf Earthwool Insulation orders can be collected from our warehouse at 11 Buch Avenue, Epping. If you want to order another brand of insulation then please allow 1-3 days for your products to be ready for collection.

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Buy Online

Shopping for insulation online is easy. Simply select the product you want and enter how many m2 of insulation you need for your walls, ceiling or underfloor. If you are building a new house and would like us to calculate the m2, the please upload your plans and energy report using the form above.

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