Can I Place an Order for More Than One Type of Insulation?

At Pricewise Insulation you are able to order any combination of insulation products. In fact, the best insulation designs often use a combination of insulation types. However, if you order mixed brands in a single order, we may contact you to discuss your order, and we may also recommend some changes in order to give you the best outcome for the lowest cost. Rest assured that R-value measures how effective the insulation batts are at restricting the transfer of heat and there should be no noticeable difference in performance between any of the insulation brands we sell.

Two Main Types of Insulation: Bulk and Reflective

Most insulation can be classified as either bulk or reflective. There are millions of tiny air pockets trapped within bulk insulation. Air is highly resistant to conducted and convected heat transfer and is just about the best insulator that exists. Reflective insulation, on the other hand, is resistant to radiant heat. These two types of insulation take care of different kinds of heat and can be very effective when used in combination.

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Using Reflective Roof Insulation with Bulk Ceiling Insulation 

By installing reflective roof insulation just beneath the roof (with an air gap of about 25mm), radiant heat from the sun is reflected away. By installing bulk insulation in between the ceiling joists, any heat that manages to penetrate the roof, now meets an additional barrier. The result is a much cooler home during summer, without relying so heavily on air-conditioners. Today ceiling insulation is mandatory for new houses, but many older homes were built without any ceiling insulation. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to install ceiling insulation in existing homes.

Installing Insulation in the Ceiling, Walls and Underfloor

Uninsulated ceilings, walls and underfloors all account for heat gains in summer and heat losses in winter. As such, many homes these days are fitted with all these different types of insulation. But did you know that by installing the external insulation correctly, so that the ceiling and wall insulation meet, a blanket effect can be achieved resulting in an even higher R-value? This is known as a thermal envelope and essentially creates a more stable temperature indoors without excessive use of heating and cooling systems. Call Pricewise Insulation on 1300 729 639 for more information on how to achieve an optimal performance R-value through a thermal envelope.

Ordering Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

You can also purchase a combination of thermal and acoustic insulation in one order. In fact, it is highly recommended that you consider acoustic wall insulation at the time of construction from a sound management point of view as well. Unlike ceilings, where you can upgrade your insulation at virtually any time by climbing up through the manhole, walls generally have to be opened up, insulated and replastered, making it quite a costly project. Avoid the cost and hassle of replastering by thinking ahead and insulating the walls that will give you the greatest returns from a sound blocking point of view. Home theatres, studios, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries should be first on the priority list.