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Bradford Batts Prevent Heat Transfer

Heat transfer affects the comfort of your home in three ways – radiation, convection and conduction. In Winter the warm air rises (known as convection) and is displaced by cool air entering the home, thereby reducing the indoor temperature. The third way that heat is transferred is through conduction. Most Australian homes are built with materials that have a high thermal mass such as bricks or concrete. These materials retain heat overnight and this heat radiates into the surrounding air. This puts a lot of demand on mechanical heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Installing thermal insulation products such as Bradford Gold Ceiling Batts can help to reduce the amount of heat entering and leaving the home.

Bradford Insulation – Australia Made For 80 Years

Most homes in Australia benefit greatly from insulation. However, installing Bradford Insulation in your walls and ceilings can provide your home with a protective thermal “envelope”, restricting the transfer of heat through the ceilings and wall. Ceiling insulation is particularly important from a thermal perspective. On a hot summer’s day, the roof and ceiling space quickly heat up, and in the absence of ceiling insulation up to 35% of heat gain can occur and penetrates into the living areas below.
Bradford insulation can reduce the load on indoor cooling and heating appliances significantly as a stable indoor temperature is achieved with insulation. In some circumstances, sufficient ceiling insulation can practically remove the need for air-conditioning, resulting in substantial power savings. Glasswool insulation batts also have acoustic properties, and when installed in the ceilings, walls and underfloors of homes, will contribute to an overall more quiet home environment.

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