Where Are Your Insulation Warehouses Located?

Pricewise Insulation’s head office and warehouse is located in Melbourne, Victoria. We have an additional warehouse in Sydney, New South Wales and many partner suppliers all over Australia.

Well-Stocked Warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney

Our warehouses stock a wide range of Knauf Earthwool acoustic and thermal insulation and are open from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm for your convenience. Contact us today to place your order. Delivery and pick-up options are available.

Photo of Knauf Earthwool - Pricewise Insulation Melbourne Warehouse

Photo of Knauf Earthwool Ceiling - Pricewise Insulation Sydney Warehouse

Insulation Delivery Direct to Home or Site 

Insulation is a bulky product, so most customers choose to avoid the hassle of transporting the material themselves and get their order shipped directly to their home or site. You can usually only fit up to 5 bags of insulation in a standard family car and to insulate an entire house you will need far more than that. This means that for large orders you will either need to make several trips or source a vehicle that is large enough to fit all the insulation bags. For many people, therefore, it is understandable that they include a delivery in their order.

Fast Deliveries from Numerous Insulation Suppliers

We have an extensive network of partner suppliers in most capital cities and a number of regional centres. We also work together with multiple transport companies, to ensure the most efficient delivery process. It could be a good idea to choose a brand that is manufactured close to where you live. Use our list below to see if there is a manufacturer near you:

Capital cities

AdelaidePink Batts, CSR Bradford, Foilboard, Kingspan

Brisbane – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford, Autex (Greenstuf), Kingspan

Canberra – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford

Melbourne – Knauf, Pink Batts, CSR Bradford, Autex (Greenstuf), Kingspan

Perth – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford, Autex (Greenstuf), Kingspan

Sydney – Knauf, Pink Batts, CSR Bradford, Autex (Greenstuf), Kingspan


Coffs Harbour, NSW – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford

Newcastle, NSW – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford

Orange, NSW – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford

Townsville, QLD – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford

Ballarat, VIC – CSR Bradford

Bendigo, VIC – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford

Geelong, VIC – CSR Bradford

Shepparton, VIC – Pink Batts, CSR Bradford

Traralgon, VIC – CSR Bradford

Looking for the Best Price?

If you are getting your insulation delivered, opting for a different brand can give you a better price overall. If you live in Orange, NSW, for example, you may end up with a better deal if you purchase Pink Batts or CSR Bradford insulation, as they have local manufacturing facilities. A Kingspan order, on the other hand, would have to be shipped from Sydney and delivery charges would be higher.

Remember that the R-value will be the same no matter what brand you choose. For example, an R2.0 Pink Batts will have exactly the same thermal resistance as an R2.0 Earthwool.