Why Shop at Pricewise Insulation?

Pricewise Insulation Reputation

1. Reputation

Pricewise Insulation is Australia’s Number. 1 online reseller of insulation. From small DIY installers to large building contractors, our competitive no-nonsense approach has earned us significant popularity in both in the domestic and commercial market.

Pricewise Insulation Brands

3. Brands

We sell all the best brands of locally manufactured and imported insulation brands for practically all applications. Brands include Knauf Earthwool, Autex GreenStuf, Kingspan, Foilboard, Pink Batts, Bradford Gold, Pirmax and more.

4. Delivery

In addition to our own warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, we have established accounts with a vast network of reputable insulation manufacturers and resellers in every State and major city in Australia. This means that we’re able to ship insulation suitable for practically any application, almost anywhere in Australia, for a reasonable price.

Pricewise Insulation Customer Service

5. Service

Friendly and helpful customer service lies at the heart of our business operations, and our reputation is founded on the thousands of businesses and individuals whom our trained staff have done their utmost to help get the right product at the right price. We don’t take our customers for granted, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews testify to the hard work and positive attitude of our frontline staff.

Pricewise Insulation Information Pages

6. Information

Our website is a virtual encyclopaedia containing extensive explanatory articles and videos to help to simplify what can sometimes be considered a confusing topic. Check out our latest videos with tips on how to safely install wall and ceiling insulation just like a pro.

Pricewise Insulation Expertise

7. Expertise

Terms such as R-values, climate zones , thermal bridging and “allowance for framing” are understandably foreign to most people who are not directly involved in the building industry. As such, it’s hardly surprising that many homeowners are initially uncertain as to what they need. Our customer service teams are adept at simplifying these essential concepts, helping customers make an informed decision on their investment in thermal or acoustic insulation. Customers who have highly technical questions are often referred directly to the manufacturers technical support hotline.

Pricewise Insulation Professional Installation

8. Installation

In Melbourne and Sydney, we work with professional and experienced installers, and as such, we can quote you both for the supply and installation of insulation for your project. We guarantee all works done by our own employees and contractors.

Pricewise Insulation Efficiency

9. Efficiency

Next day dispatch is standard for all standard stocked products in all major cities, providing the order is confirmed before 1pm. In practice this means that in the major capital cities and many of the larger regional centres, an order place before 1pm will typically be delivered before 5pm on the following business day.

Pricewise Insulation is Australian Owned and Managed

10. Aussie Owned

Pricewise Insulation is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.


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