Insulation Installation Services

Our capable installers cover the entire greater Sydney and Melbourne areas. If you require an insulation install service in any other area, we recommend you contact a local installing company. Your local Yellow Pages directory can be a good place to start. Typically, wall insulation is installed at the time of building or renovating, since it’s much more difficult and costly to install after the walls are lined. For this reason, most requests for professional ‘retro-fit’ installations (i.e. installing insulation in an existing home) are for ceiling insulation and / or underfloor insulation.

In order to enable us to provide you with an immediate quote, we recommend that you measure the approximate area to be insulated, and include the following information in an email to

  • What area does the insulation need to cover?
  • Is there any existing insulation?
  • Do you know what R-Value you need, or would you like a recommendation from us?
  • What is the spacing of the timber joists / studs, from centre to centre? (typically 450mm or 600mm, but some houses are different)
  • Roughly how much room is there between the ground and the underfloor, or between the ceiling and the roof?
  • Describe any hazards or excess obstructions such as ventilation pipes or large timbers which could restrict access to the work area or complicate the insulation install process
  • If you’re able to email through a couple of photos of the area to be insulated, that can also help to speed up the quotation process.
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