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External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation can prevent up to 15% to 25% winter heat losses and summer heat gains. The only time to insulate your home is during building or renovating, because once the plaster is installed it is too late to add insulation. External wall insulation can reduce your energy usage by up to 25%.

Thermal Exterior Wall Insulation

There are many external wall insulation products to choose from. Thermal insulation batts are often made from either glasswool or polyester insulation. Both insulation types have millions of fibers that create tiny air pockets in the insulation which traps the air and prevents it from passing through the insulation. Additionally, insulation products are made from materials that are poor conductors of heat and do not assist the transfer of heat into and out of your home. When choosing external wall insulation, remember that the R-value describes the level of thermal resistance to heat flow, therefore the higher the R-value the greater the level of insulation.

The following thermal insulation products are suited for external wall applications and available at Pricewise Insulation;
• Knuaf Earthwool External Wall Batts
• Bradford Gold Batts (HP)
• Fletcher Thermal Pink ® Batts

Acoustic Exterior Wall Insulation

Acoustic insulation is much denser than thermal insulation giving the acoustic insulation more effective soundproofing properties. Acoustic insulation also has thermal benefits which keeps your home comfortable in both summer and winter. Installing exterior wall insulation reduces the disturbance of external noises such as traffic, aircraft and neighbours and works by adsorbing and redirecting noise as it travels from outside to inside the house which significantly reduces the impact of loud noises. According to Australian standards, less than 40 decibels of external noise is recommended to enter your living room and less than 35 decibels to enter a bedroom. This ensures that you can comfortably maintain low volume conversations and sleep soundly without being interrupted by external noise. Remember that acoustic insulation is made in varying densities for different sound absorbing performance levels to suite your individual needs.

Acoustic products suitable for external wall insulation applications include:
• Knauf Earthwool Sound Shield
• Fletcher Pink Soundbreak Insulation batts
• Autex Polyester sound solution
• Bradford SoundScreen

From $ 13.97 p/m2 inc. GST

Wall Wrap Exterior Insulation

Wall wraps act as an additional protective layer for your home, weatherproofing it from the elements and preventing water, mould or rot damage. By using a wall wrap on the exterior of your home, you can minimize any hot or cold draughts thus increasing the overall R-value of a building. In addition, wall wraps are designed to protect your home against radiant heat and provide a layer of thermal insulation which improves your homes energy efficiency and maintains a stable temperature all year round. In new home builds, installing external wall insulation such as wall wraps can allow other trades to access the site and begin their work before brickwork or cladding is finished, which reduces delays and can speed up the construction phase.
Wall wrap products suitable for external wall insulation applications include;
• Bradford Enviroseal
• Bradford Thermoseal
• Sisalation Foil Wall Wrap – Medium Duty
• Ametalin Reflective Foil Range

Rigid Board Insulation

Rigid boards have a high thermal value due to this product type having low thermal conductivity. This prevents heat losses in winter and heat gains in summer and enables a stable indoor temperature.
Rigid board insulation can be used as an exterior wall insulation material and has a fibre-free insulation core and a closed cell structure which is resistant to water vapour and moisture. It can speed up the construction process and can be used in brick veneer, cavity walls, concrete walls, and cladded walls.
For residential builds the following rigid board insulation products are recommended:
• Foilboard® Wall Insulation
• Kingspan Kooltherm K5 External Wall Board

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