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Roof Insulation

Roof insulation products can reduce the energy consumption of your home by almost 35% while preventing heat loss during winter and heat gains during summer. It is possible to insulate all roof types in Australia and there are great cost benefits to installing roof insulation. The result is reduced energy bills, with increased savings that can pay itself off in around five to six years. The diagrams below illustrates that roof and ceiling insulation can prevent heat losses and heat gains in your home by 25% to 35%!

Diagram showing summer heat gains in a home without insulation
Diagram showing winter heat losses in a home without insulation

Benefits Of Installing Roof Insulation Batts

Installing roof batts is one of the most important energy-saving investments you can make for your home and/or business. By reducing our energy consumption, we can contribute to a sustainable future and have a positive effect on the environment. Additionally, roof insulation can keep homes and building at a stable temperature, it can reduce rain noise, and alongside sarking can provide effective condensation control, thus preventing unseen mould growth, ceiling staining or permanent water damage.

When Should I Install Roof Insulation?

In new homes and buildings, roof batts should be installed before the roof is added. Installing insulation under roofing material can reduce radiant heat gain.

In older houses, where insulation is more than 15 years old, insulation may need to be topped up as gaps and drafts can develop over time. Topping up insulation ensures that your home can remain at a stable temperature all year round.

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