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Pink Batts Insulation

Pink Batts are made by Fletcher Insulation from up to 80% recycled glass. They now feature a next generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling. Improve the comfort of your home by installing Pink Batts Insulation in the walls, ceilings and underfloor of your home.

Benefits of Pink Batts Insulation

Up to 40% of heat is lost through the ceiling in Winter and up to 45% of heat is gained through the ceiling in Summer. Installing Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation creates a thermal barrier against heat and reduces the need to rely on mechanical heating and cooling systems. In contrast to skyrocketing energy costs, home insulation prices haven’t seen significant recent price increases in recent years.

• Helps to reduce energy usage
• Rigid and easy to cut
• Homeowner lifetime warranty
• Rigid and easy to cut

Pink Batts Insulation is made from lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool (sometimes referred to as mineral wool), specially designed for the thermal insulation of ceilings and walls in domestic and commercial buildings.

Pink Batts are safe and easy to install providing you follow some basic DIY instructions and safety tips. All you need is a sharp knife, a mask, gloves and lighting when installing in the roof space.

Pink Batts Insulation R-values

The comprehensive range of R-values and sizing ensures there is an efficient and effective insulation solution for your home, that also has a great price. The standard Pink Batts wall insulation comes in thermal ratings of R1.5, R2.0 and R2.5. The new Pink Soundbreak acoustic insulation range comes in R1.7, R2.0, R2.5 and R3.1 and is suitable for walls, ceilings and between floors. The Pink Batts ceiling insulation is available in R-values ranging from R2.5 and all the way up to R6.0.

Pink Batts Insulation is stiffened to fit snugly between standard spacing wall studs – both timber and steel – without sagging and should be installed at the time of construction before fixing internal lining. Pink Batts® Insulation is non-combustible, low allergen and is guaranteed to perform for the life of the home.

From $ 13.97 p/m2 inc. GST

Pink Batts Insulation Wall R-Value

The combined thermal resistance of a solid wall construction without a cavity is estimated to be between R0.3 to R0.4. This is insufficient for most building code compliance or sustainability requirements and for this reason, additional bulk insulation is is generally specified at the design stage.
An R-value of R1.5 is generally considered to be the minimum requirement in a new home, and many homes will be specified as requiring a higher R-value. If the frame of the house is not wrapped with Sisalation or a similar wall wrap product, it can be a challenge to install the relatively thin (e.g. 75mm) R1.5 insulation batts between the vertical wall studs, without the insulation sagging and coming into contact with the bricks or external wall lining. It's always recommended to maintain an air-gap between the internal and external walls. On this front, Pink Bats wall insulation has an edge over some of its competitors - they are pre-stiffened, and easy to install between the wall studs.

New ‘Soft-Touch’ Pink Batts Insulation

Thanks to advances in formulation, Pink Batts are now low itch - making them more comfortable to handle during installation. Pink Batts® are a trusted choice when it comes to constructing new homes or retrofitting existing buildings for increased thermal efficiency. Designed to make homes feel cooler in summer, warmer in winter and to provide cost savings all year round, Pink Batts® are a sound investment for Aussie homeowners.
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