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Bradford Polymax™ Polyester Insulation

Bradford Polymax is made from up to 80% recycled plastics and is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Bradford Polymax™ Polyester Insulation can be installed into the walls and ceiling of your new or existing home for maximum thermal and acoustic performance. Polymax Insulation is perfect for damp areas because it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Environmental Benefits of Bradford Polymax™ Polyester Insulation

• GreenTag Cert™ certified
• Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certified in accordance with ISO 14025
• No red list chemicals are present
• No ozone-depleting gases are used during the manufacturing process
• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated in the manufacturing process is classified as low (0.01 mg/m3)s

Why Choose Bradford Polymax™ Polyester Insulation?

CSR Bradford’s Australian owned and made polymax polyester insulation is manufactured from recycled PET plastic and is bonded together by heat, giving it a rigid, yet flexible structure, and no other binder chemicals are added to the polyester. Unlike glasswool products that can be itchy and irritating, polyester insulation is non-irritant, non-toxic and safe to handle making installation an easy process. Polyester insulation is considered non-allergenic as it contains no breathable particles making it the perfect choice for home owners where asthma or other severe dust allergies are a concern.


Polymax Insulation Thermal Properties

Bradford Polymax insulation batts provide thermal comfort to your home by minimizing heat transfer through walls, ceiling and underfloor. Summer heat gains and winter heat losses can fluctuate temperatures within your home, thus increasing your energy usage as you use heating and air conditioning units to maintain the temperature within you home. By insulating your home with Bradford Polymax, you could cut your cooling and heating bills by up to half and enjoy excellent long-term thermal control.

Polymax Insulation Acoustic Properties

Bradford Polymax acoustic batts can reduce noise transfer within the home by up to 40% and also provides thermal comfort. Bradford Polymax acoustic batts have a higher density which enables them to absorb and deflect sound to keep noise levels at an appropriate level within the home. Acoustic batts are ideal for use on external walls, to reduce noise upset from traffic, aircraft and neighbours and internal walls, to reduce noise from home theatres, children playing, and music playing etc. Bradford Polymax insulation products are designed for long-term comfort.
Bradford Polymax range include;
• Bradford Polymax acoustic wall batts
• Bradford Polymax thermal wall batts
• Bradford Polymax ceiling batts
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