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Earthwool insulation is a natural shade of earthy brown, and has no added dyes, bleaches or fake colours. Furthermore, it is also less dusty and has a much softer and friendlier feel. As there is no formaldehyde or phenol used in the manufacturing process for Knauf Earthwool, it also improves the indoor air quality of buildings where these products are installed (compared to conventional glasswool products). Knauf Earthwool is soft to touch and easy to install. This brand is popular among home owners and builders across Australia.

Earthwool Insulation Benefits

There are many benefits to installing Knauf Earthwool insulation in your home.
• Low itch and low dust
• Easy to cut
• Great DIY project
• Made from recycled glass
• Compression packed means more m2
• No added formaldehyde
• Odourless and rot proof
• Pre-cut to fit most Aussie homes

Manufacturing Of Earthwool Batts

Like many types of glasswool, Knauf Earthwool batts is manufactured using recycled glass bottles and has been ranked even more environmentally friendly than real sheep’s wool, according to the U.K’s Green Guide for Specification. The product benefits from a unique binder which includes zero formaldehyde and is founded on renewable bio-based materials instead of old-fashioned petroleum-based chemicals. It looks and feels different to other brands, in fact many customers who are using this superb product for the first time can’t believe that it’s actually made from glasswool.
Don’t take our word for it – drop by one of our warehouse facilities and check it out for yourself. Knauf Insulation has invested heavily in new “ECOSE” technology to bring the itch factor which for decades has been synonymous with glasswool – to an unprecedented new low. One of the secrets behind the absence of itch, is the longer strands of insulation. The longer the strands, the fewer strands there are – and less strands of glasswool means fewer of those minute, protruding ends which is the cause of the well-known ‘itch’ you may have experienced on the inside of your wrists when working with inferior brands of insulation.

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Earthwool Insulation Applications

Knauf Insulation manufactures a wide range of glass and rock mineral wool products for a variety of applications. Earthwool insulation batts and rolls are extremely versatile and can be used in applications from wall and ceiling insulation to HVAC and industrial applications. Earthwool is a popular Knauf insulation brand - it is rot-proof, odourless, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. The fact that Earthwool has practically no smell is a huge plus for the many insulation installers who are used to transporting glasswool insulation around in an open van. It is chemically neutral, does not contain impurities and comes with a 50 year warranty. In practice, this means that whether Earthwool is installed at the time of building the home, or in a retrofit application (i.e. installing insulation in the ceiling of an older building), providing it is correctly installed, you can expect the insulation to last as long as your home.

Low Itch Earthwool Batts

Knauf Earthwool batts in particular has gained increasing popularity with both professional installer and D.I.Y. renovators due to its more comfortable handling. The exceptional compression packaging means more coverage per bag, which in turn results in reduced handling, transport and storage costs.

Sustainable Earthwool insulation

Earthwool insulationis made from renewable products such as recycled glass bottles and sand. It is less dusty, and many installers claim it's easier to cut and install than traditional types of glasswool insulation. When installing Knauf insulation in your ceiling, keep in mind that once open, the insulation will expand to several times its size. It's best not to open more than one bag at the time, as this makes it easier and safer to move around in the tight ceiling space.

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