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What R-value Should I Install?

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If you are looking to buy insulation batts in Brisbane, then you’ve come to the right place. Pricewise Insulation is one of Australia’s leading online retailers for residential and commercial insulation. We supply all the major brands including Knauf Earthwool, Bradford Insulation, Pink Batts, Foilboard and Kingspan Insulation. Shop online today and save money!

Get your Brisbane insulation within 1-3 business days! We also deliver insulation batts to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Noosa Heads and Toowoomba. Our team will get in touch with you once your order has been placed to confirm the delivery date. If you have any questions please call (07) 3667 8042.

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Insulation for Brisbane Homes

We recommend a minimum of R2.0 wall insulation and R4.0 ceiling insulation in Brisbane. If you are building a new home then please refer to the minimum requirements on your energy report. For optimal results we recommend installing R2.5 thermal and acoustic insulation in both the internal and external walls of the home. One of our best sellers are the R2.5HD Knauf Earthwool Sound Shield Batts. These insulation batts are nice and firm, which means they won’t sag in the walls.

The cheapest and easiest method of increasing a buildings R-value to the required or desired level is by installing thermal insulation in the walls, ceilings and underfloor area of the building. According to ICANZ, this can save you up to $478 per year on electricity. Gone are the days when thermal and acoustic insulation were considered optional extras and the insulation itself an avoidable cost. Energy efficiency is now at the heart of all modern building design, and new buildings are required to meet a minimum standard.

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How Ceiling Insulation Works

In hot and humid climates, bulk insulation such as Pink Batts Ceiling insulation is often installed in combination with a reflective foil sarking, which does a great job in reflecting the radiant heat, and adds to the total performance R-Value of the home. If you are building a new home then consider installing foil faced roofing blanket in addition to ceiling batts. 

The key to glasswool insulation’s effectiveness lies in the millions of tiny air-pockets concealed within the insulation batt. If the material becomes soaked, it’s practically useless, extremely difficult to dry out and can breed mould and lead to other possible issues. To avoid this occurrence, store them safely inside the garage or underneath a covered car port, and if possible place them on a pallet or other object. This will ensure that when the time comes to install the insulation it is clean, easy to cut and will do the job its intended to do for the life of your house. If only part of the insulation becomes briefly wet, simply use a sharp knife to cut off and dispose of the any portion which may have become wet. Never install wet or damp insulation.

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