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R4.0 Insulation

R4.0 ceiling insulation is one of the best solutions for Australia homes. According to the NSW government insulating your ceiling can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 40%. R4.0 insulation will help to reduce the heat-flow into the home, lessening the demands on heating and cooling systems.

Thermal R4.0 Insulation

If you’re wondering whether your home would benefit from thermal insulation batts, then the answer is in all likelihood ‘Yes’. R4.0 insulation is a fairly safe and economical recommendation for all but the most extreme climates in Australia. R4.0 insulation batts are typically around 20cm thick, though this does vary a little between brands. Earthwool R4.0 batts are the thinnest at 195mm, and GreenStuf R4.0 batts are the thickest, at 210m. Remember that it isn’t the thickness which determines the R-Value, thought these usually do correlate.

According to ICANZ, a study in New Zealand showed that people living in insulated homes reported a significant improvement in health compared with those living in uninsulated homes. The adults living in insulated homes reported fewer sick days at work and that their children were less likely to take days off school.

Acoustic R4.0 Insulation

Choosing to install acoustic insulation means that you can reduce the transfer of noise between rooms and through external walls for a quieter home. It can also limit sound transfer such as foot traffic from between floors in multi-storey dwellings. Acoustic R4.0 insulation also has thermal properties, however as it is denser than regular insulation it is particularly effective at minimizing noise transfer. Many brands manufacture acoustic insulation, some acoustic products to look out for are Knauf Earthwool Acoustic, Fletcher Pink Soundbreak, Bradford Soundscreen, and Greenstuf Sound Solution.

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Top Up With R4.0 Ceiling Insulation

Insulation can deteriorate in quality over time meaning that it is no longer as effective as when it was first installed. First, inspect your ceiling insulation for weather damage, vermin damage and general quality. If the insulation batts are in good condition you can simply lay new insulation over the top any existing insulation, ensuring there are no gaps. However, if the insulation is of poor quality you will need to remove it before you install new insulation. When purchasing new insulation, the most important thing to keep in mind is that a higher R-value indicates better thermal performance. We are noticing a strong trend among DIY builders and renovators to opt for higher R-values in their walls and ceilings. Investing in R4.0 insulation for you ceiling can lead to long term financial savings in addition to improved thermal comfort.

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