Insulation R-Values

The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used for insulation materials. The higher the insulation R-value the better the thermal performance and the slower the heat loss or gains. Investing in a higher value can help to reduce energy wastage.

A typical Australian home has 70mm or 90mm wall studs. The highest rated residential product to fit a 90mm spacing is an R2.7 wall batt. Common R-values for walls include R2.0 and R2.5 insulation. Local climate and budget are two factors which help determine what products are best for your home.

Roof insulation R-value ranges from R2.5 to R7.0 and are between 120mm and 290mm thick. We recommend installing a minimum of R4.0 ceiling insulation. If you live in cooler climates such as Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide then we recommend upgrading to R5.0 or R6.0  roof insulation.

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