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Expol Insulation

Insulating your underfloor with Expol Insulation can help you save up to 12% on your heating and cooling costs. Expol Insulation will protect your floor from fluctuating temperatures so that you can maintain stable conditions within your home. These panels are available in a range of widths for different floors.

Why Buy Expol Insulation?

Installing Expol insulation creates a cosier and warmer feel to your home. As up to 20% of your homes heating and cooling energy is lost through an uninsulated floor, your energy usage and savings could take a drastic plummet. With decreased energy usage you are not only spending less on energy bills but in turn, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Expol is a polystyrene insulation panel that safe to handle and non-allergenic making it great for a DIY project. Expol Insulation’s thermal performance is not affected by ageing and comes with a 50 year limited warranty.

Other benefits to installing Expol insulation include;

• Made of rigid polystyrene for easy installation
• Won’t sag over time for long-term optimal performance
• Keeps your home warm and comfortable
• Reduces noise
• Pre-cut to fit standard joints
• Stops drafts and moisture resistant
• Flame retardant
• Vermin resistant

Expol Insulation Environmentally Sustainable

Foamex is the Australian distributor for expanded polystyrene (EPS) Expol insulation. Its manufacturing processes are committed to recycling EPS waste and converting EPS into other products by granulating it in a machine that forms it into beads. At the end of its life, Expol is fully recyclable so there is no need for it to enter landfill. There are four EPS collection facilities in Australia, located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Customers are encouraged to recycle their unwanted EPS material by dropping it off at one of the facilities.

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Installation Instructions for Expol Insulation

When installing Expol insulation first measure the joist width and height to get the right measurements for your panel. If needed, cut the panel to the required size however ensure it is approximately 5mm oversize to ensure a firm and snug fit. Slide the Expol panel in between the joists and fix the panel on opposite corners to ensure it does not move out of place. Ensure no cables are in direct contact with Expol Insulation, and if there is then cover the wires with Expol Wireguard. For pipes and plumbing, leave a 100mm space between that and the panel.
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