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Fletcher Insulation

Fletcher is a multi-national company with over 20 000 employees and has been producing the two most popular products; Pink Batts and Sisalation for over 55+ years. Fletcher insulation provides thermal and acoustic solution to new and existing residential buildings, and the commercial sector. Over the years Fletcher has manufactured and developed products such as HVAC insulation, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, Sislatation membranes and much more! These products have passed the most stringent requirements set by the National Construction Code (NCC) and come with product warranties for your peace of mind.

Applications For Fletcher Insulation Australia

Residential applications for fletcher insulation include;
Roof and ceilings: install under roofing material to reduce radiant heat gain. Install insulation in the ceiling to reduce heat gain and loss.
Walls: insulate internal and external walls to reduce heat transfer and to soundproof your home. Can be installed within cavities, stud frames, on the outside of stud and on the inside or outside of solid
Floors: installing insulation in your suspended floors is especially recommended in cold and alpine climates, in high humid and hot dry climates where air-conditioning is used.
Slab insulation: insulate the edge of slabs-on-ground especially where slab heating is used, and under slab-on-ground; in alpine climates and where groundwater is present.

Fletcher Insulation Keeping Australia Green

Insulation plays a vital role in improving a homes energy efficiency, and fletcher insulation meets the highest standards of national and international product quality and manufacturing process. Fletcher holds the following credentials; Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Global Mark (Quality Management Systems), the National Construction Code (NCC), Safe Work Australia and other national and global organisations. Introducing minimum energy requirements for newly built houses has revealed that there is little is known of energy efficient designs and insulation performance. That is why Fletcher is a forrunner in providing education and additional information, to better assist professionals and consumers in understanding these important factors.

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$ 13.44 p/m2 inc. GST

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History of Fletcher Insulation Australia

Fletcher Insulation is among Australia’s largest manufacturer of insulation and related material. The Australian Sisalkraft company began manufacturing packaging, wall wraps and building membrane products in the 1930’s. In the 1940’s foil was added to the “Sisalkraft” paper, the result of which was ‘Sisalation’ – Fletcher Insulation’s now hugely popular reflective wall wrap product. Shortly afterwards, in the 1950s, ACI Australia started to make glasswool insulation and developed insulation batts, while most of its competitors were still supply granulated rockwool. The ACI advertising campaign of the 1970’s, featuring the Pink Panther, propelled Pink Batts to becoming the well known brand name it is still today.
Yet another business, Insulco was established in 1979 and gained market share throughout the 80’s and 90’s with its own branded products - Fat Batts and Vapa-Chek.
In 2003, Fletcher Building of New Zealand bought Insulco and in 2005, ACI Insulation, (now named Insulation Solutions) was also acquired. Thus Fletcher Insulation was born, effectively merging several successful brands into one company with good prospects for future success.
Fletcher’s were hit hard by the termination of the governments Home Insulation Rebate scheme, which resulted in an unpreceded plummet in demand and a correspondingly vast, nation-wide over-supply of insulation batts. In March 2010, the company suspended operations at its Sydney plant, and in April 2010, announced they would be scaling back production in Dandenong. It would be another 5 year before the Sydney plant would restart batt insulation production again. In 2016 the Victorian plant moved to Scoresby.

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