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Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation can be installed to help soundproof a theater room or an entire home. Soundproofing batts reduce home noise transfer between rooms and create a more peaceful home. Acoustic insulation can be installed in both the external and internal walls and between floors of a double story home.

Acoustic Batt Insulation Benefits

Heat and sound insulation are often called thermal and acoustic insulation. The acoustic insulation materials are denser, hence their effective sound-blocking properties. Soundproof your home with acoustic batt insulation in the walls and between floors. There are many advantages to installing acoustic insulation, including;

• Reduce or soundproof unwanted noise from outside (traffic, neighbours etc.)
• Reduce or soundproof noise transfer between rooms
• Create a peaceful, quiet and soundproof home
• Reduce noise transfer through the mid-floor of a 2 storey home

How Does Acoustic Insulation Work?

High density soundproofing insulation is designed to effectively absorb and reduce noise transfer between rooms and from outside sources. Acoustic insulation batts are of a higher density than regular insulation, making them a great and easy lightweight product for soundproofing your home or room. Acoustic batt insulation is ideal for insulating metal and timber stud wall systems and ceilings – sound insulation between floors is also very commonly used. With added thermal benefits to help make your home more comfortable, soundproofing your home has never been easier! Buy cheap acoustic insulation at Pricewise Insulation and select from a range of brands and sizes.

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Acoustic Batt Insulation Boasts of up to 75% Sound Absorption

 Installing acoustic insulation in your home can absorb as much as 75% of sound vibrations. This maintains noise at acceptable levels between rooms so that all members of the family can enjoy a soundproof home. Knauf Earthwool Sound Shield batts are available in Basic Performance (11kg/m³), Ultra Performance (14kg/m³) and High Density (18kg/m³, 20kg/m³ and 27kg/m³) sound absorbing performance levels. Fletchers Pink Soundbreak Acoustic Insulation is available in R1.7 to R3.1. Bradford Soundscreen Acoustic Insulation Batts are available in R1.7 to R3.1. The acoustic batts are available in 70mm and 90mm thicknesses, to suit typical timber studs. They also come in in 600mm widths to suit metal stud walls.

Difference Between Thermal and Acoustic Batt Insulation

 Both acoustic and bulk (thermal) insulation have thermal insulation qualities. Acoustic insulation is however much denser, and this gives the acoustic insulation more effective soundproofing properties. Sound proof insulation can also be used to create quiet zones within your home or to block out the sound of a busy road. You can also soundproof a ceiling - while this is not usually the main priority, it should be a consideration if your home is directly under a flight path. Houses situated in the vicinity of roads, where the road is on a similar level with the roof of the house, will also benefit from soundproofing the ceiling. In most cases, soundproofing walls and floors gives excellent results.

Acoustic Batt Insulation Sizes

 Consideration can then be given to the thickness of the vertical wall studs, which has a lot to say when it comes to determining which internal wall insulation thickness is to be installed. A standard 90mm stud will allow for an acoustic insulation of the same thickness, which in most cases should suffice. Many houses use 70mm studs in the internal walls, which limits the thickness of the insulation to the same (70mm). It's not uncommon to see homes with 70mm studs being installed with 75mm acoustic batts such as one of our most popular acoustic wall insulation products - Earthwool R2.0 Sound Shield Insulation. While this is officially exceeding the space available and thus cannot be officially recommended as best practice - it is not likely that the home owner will experience any notable difference from the insulation due to it being compressed only 5mm within the wall cavity.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation can also be referred to as acoustic insulation, both names refer to insulation that can reduce sound transmission from outside the home to inside or noise transfer between rooms. Sound insulation products are often referred to as high-density (HD) or hi-performing (HP) products. Upgrading from R2.0 to R2.5HD wall insulation will improve both the thermal and acoustic performance of your home. We recommend installing sound proof insulation in internal walls, particularly around the theatre room and office.

Why Install Sound Proof Insulation?

There are two primary reasons to consider installing sound insulation in your home. The one is to reduce outside noise such as traffic, aircraft, barking dogs etc. – from entering the building interior. Typically, this means installing high density thermal and sound insulation in the external wall of the home, which forms an effective sound barrier. Sound insulation is also often useful within the internal walls of the home. Use common sense when considering this additional investment, and think long term, keeping in mind that it’s far easier and cheaper to install sound proof insulation during the new building project.

Sound Proof Insulation Benefits

• Reducing internal and external noise
• Provides thermal insulation properties
• Reduces energy usage
• Maintains noise levels at an appropriate level within homes
• Reduce noise levels between floors in multi-storey dwellings

Sound Proof Insulation Applications

Soundproof your home and limit unwanted noise from outside the home or between rooms with sound insulation. The performance of an acoustic batt is determined by the density (kg/m3) and the thickness of the insulation. All thermal bulk insulation will reduce some noise transfer, but soundproofing insulation is specially designed for acoustic purposes. As a minimum we recommend soundproofing between bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and any theatre rooms. Many homeowners choose to insulate between floors of multi-level dwellings as well. Underfloor soundproofing can also be achieved to good effect by installing high density insulation between the underfloor joists. Soundproof your home and create the quiet tranquil space you need to relax in! Choose from a variety of acoustic insulation products available at Pricewise Insulation and order online today!

The Value of Sound Proof Insulation

Sound and noise is part of any environment, and controlling it within the home adds value both for the current and any future occupants. There are a whole range of acoustic materials for walls and floors that don't require a big investment. A few rugs here and there together with some curtains can go a long way in sound absorption. Ideally, acoustic wall insulation and indeed any cost effective soundproofing should be considered at the design and planning stage of the new home, and you'll enjoy the benefits from day one!

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