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Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation manufactures a wide range of glass and rock mineral wool products for a variety of applications. Earthwool Insulation batts and rolls are extremely versatile and can be used in applications from wall and ceiling insulation to HVAC and industrial applications. Buy Knauf Insulation online at discount prices!

Low Itch Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool products with ECOSE Technology benefit from a formaldehyde – free binder made from rapidly renewable bio-based materials instead of petroleum-based chemicals which is up to 70% less energy intensive. The technology has been developed for Knauf Insulation’s glass and rock mineral wool products, enhancing their environmental credentials without affecting the thermal, acoustic or fire performance. Knauf products made with ECOSE Technology contain no dye or artificial colours – the colour is completely natural.

How Does Knauf Insulation Work?

The glass fibres in Earthwool insulation create millions of tiny air-pockets inside the insulation which traps air between the fine fibers and prevents heat from passing through it. As Earthwool is not a great conductor of heat it prevents heat from transferring through the material and warming your home. This gives Knauf Earthwool its insulating properties and allows it to maintain stable temperatures within your home, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Knauf Australia Towards Zero Energy Buildings

There is a growing priority for Green Building Rating Tools in the green construction industry. Knauf insulation products work to reduce energy efficiency and the aim is to achieve zero energy buildings in the future. Insulation can greatly reduce your energy usage; however, you must ensure that your home or building is also air-tight when adding insulation. Additionally, each new build needs to comply with BCA, which means there is no one size fits all because each building is unique and requires specific insulation. Knauf Australia’s insulation industry is also looking at ways they can improve their manufacturing processes to reduce carbon emission and energy use.

Is Knauf Insulation Bio-Soluble?

Bio-solubility refers to the products ability to dissolve in bodily fluids and to clear itself from the lungs. Glasswool insulation fibres have been tested in laboratory studies according to EC protocols ECB/TM27 REV. 7, 1998 and has been shown to be bio soluble. KNS3 fibres comply with the short term bio persistence test and they fulfil the requirements of Australian and international authorities on bio-solubility. Earthwool products are have also receive the BRANZ certificate.

Benefits of Knauf Insulation

• Reduces energy bills
• Outstanding thermal and acoustic performance
• Easy to handle and install with a softer feel – making installation more comfortable
• Fire resistant
• Large range of products and R-values
• Manufactured from recycled materials
• Made in Australia

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Buy Knauf Insulation Online
Buy Knauf Insulation Online
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