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Pro Clima

Pro Clima offers weather resistant and airtight systems that manage moisture effectively, ensuring healthy, durable and energy-efficient buildings. Engineered for superior performance, the Pro Clima system ensures optimal air and weather tightness. Contact us on 1300 729 639 for assistance!

Pro Clima Range

Pro Clima’s product range embodies innovation, reliability, and a commitment to sustainability. From intelligent membranes to cutting-edge solutions, each product is a testament to Pro Clima’s dedication to creating healthier, more energy-efficient buildings.

Pro Clima Australia – Providing Complete Sealing Systems

At the forefront of innovation, Pro Clima Australia specialises in producing high-performance membranes and sealing systems. The launch of Pro Clima Australia in 2010 marked the culmination of extensive research, revealing a distinct demand in this country for top-tier air and weather tightness products.

How Does Pro Clima Work?

Pro Clima’s systems help prevent moisture from entering the structure of the building from the inside, while facilitating the drying potential of the building elements, thus making building elements durable for the long term. These solutions contribute to the longevity, health, and energy efficiency of buildings.

Pro Clima’s commitment to excellence ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds the highest standards, providing a foundation for sustainable and resilient structures.

Pro Clima Australia - Top 5 Install Tips

Pro Clima Australia and Pricewise Insulation