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R7.0 Insulation

Bradford Insulation is the only manufacturer in Australia to produce R7.0 insulation for ceilings. These roof insulation batts offer both thermal and acoustic benefits, making them popular among DIY builders looking for the best. R7.0 insulation helps to keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer.

R7.0 Insulation Benefits

ICANZ claims that 30% of existing homes in Australia remain uninsulated, making them among the least energy efficient homes in the modern world. Bradford Gold Hi Performance R7.0 is an exceptional product with outstanding thermal performance values for your ceiling. For your peace of mind Bradford provides a comprehensive 70 year warranty guarantee. Other benefits include;

• Made in Australia
• Complies with ISO9002 and AS4859.1
• Partnered with CSR, Australia’s leading building materials company
• Non combustible and won’t catch fire
• Environmentally sound, made from up to 80% recycled glass

Is Your R7.0 Insulation Fire Proof?

A non-combustible material is one that is not capable of undergoing combustion under specified conditions (ASTM E 176). Fire resistance refers to how long a building material will continue to perform its intended function when exposed to a fire. Knauf Earthwool Insulation and most modern glasswool insulation is considered non-combustible, i.e. it will not catch fire. It is not designed to stop the spread fires in buildings but will not ignite and aid in the spreading of a fire. If you are looking to purchase insulation that can be used as a fire barrier, Rockwool is incombustible and can be used as a fire barrier in certain applications, providing effective protection to neighbouring buildings and the public in the event of fire.

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