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While practically all new homes are fitted with adequate ceiling insulation at the time of building, there are still many homes in Sydney and Melbourne that are either uninsulated, or inadequately insulated. There are a number of specific circumstances where insulation removal is highly recommended.

These reasons are detailed below. Pricewise Insulation provides professional insulation removal services in Sydney and Melbourne; should you require a quote for removal of old insulation in the roof, and a complete vacuuming out of the roof-space, please get in touch with our friendly staff today. Our experts know how to remove old insulation effectively and safely.

Water Damage – First Reason to Consider Roof Insulation Removal

Possibly the most compelling reason to get rid of your ceiling insulation and thoroughly vacuum out the roof-space, is if the insulation has been subjected to water damage. Even a minor roof leak, if left undetected for a longer period of time, can result in the intrusion of a significant amount of water. Bulk insulation such as glasswool, polyester or even sheep’s wool acts like a giant sponge, soaking up the water. This effectively destroys the insulation batts and any insulation damaged by water should be removed as early as possible from the roof.

Wet Insulation Does Not Work

Besides the fact that wet insulation doesn’t work (insulation depends on empty air-pockets to work effectively – when these air-pockets become filled with water, the insulation will no longer function properly) the moisture which has soaked into the material will remain there for an extended period of time, and quickly become a breeding ground for mould. Any subsequent remedial action to eradicate mould will be ineffective, until the wet batts have been removed from the roof cavity.

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Second Case for Removal of Roof Insulation

While the popular brands of modern day bulk thermal insulation is guaranteed for the life of the home (50 + years), many brands imported in earlier times were of an inferior quality. If the insulation in your roof is visually damaged, has been overrun by vermin, or has been flatted or compressed for a lengthy period of time (e.g. carelessly stored building materials lying for extended periods of time on top of the insulation), then insulation removal will almost certainly be your best option. Though arguably you can always lay an extra layer of new, good insulation on-top of old insulation, it’s unlikely that this approach will achieve a result you’ll be happy with.

Never install new insulation on top of old, lumpy insulation

Insulation batts are typically installed between the ceiling joists. This popular method ensures that the timber joists remain visible, which is convenient for anyone who needs to access the roof cavity after the insulation has been installed. If there is currently old, lumpy insulation installed between the joists, it’s not recommended to install new insulation on-top of the old, for the simple reason that the unevenness will inevitably result in airgaps, something which greatly reduces the performance R-rating of the insulation overall.  The only real alternative left it to cover both the joists and the old insulation with either a ‘blanket’ layer of insulation batts or rolls, or else a ‘blow-in’ option can be considered. Both of these alternatives will make accessing the ceiling area a lot more cumbersome.

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