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Shed Insulation

Insulating your shed or garage is a great DIY project. Shed insulation can provide protection against heavy rain, strong winds or hail, or extreme sun heat. It can also help to reduce wind swept dust and dirt from entering the shed. The product that we often recommend is Kingspan Insulshed.

Shed Insulation Benefits

• Reflects up to 95% of the sun’s radiant heat
• Creates a clean, low maintenance internal finish
• Resilient and safe to use
• Provides thermal insulation, reducing energy usage
• BCA compliant
• Bushfire BAL rated for use in bushfire prone regions
•Comes with a 15-year manufacturing warranty

Shed Roof Insulation

Insulating your shed means you can stay comfortable and protect your valuable stored items such as boats and cars or chemicals like paints and fuel from radiant heat exposure or water damage.

Sheds that are not insulated can reach extremely hot temperatures of up to 60oC, by insulating your shed roof you can greatly decrease the impact that external temperatures have on internal shed temperatures. Installing shed roof insulation can protect your valuables from the effects of extreme heats and create a comfortable space to use. By insulating the roof and walls of you shed you can help to reach optimal comfort and protection. Products that can be used for insulating you shed roof include; Air-Cell Insulshed, Fletcher Permastop Roofing Blanket, Ametalin SilverSark Roof and Wall Wrap, and Bradford Polyair.

Shed Insulation Products

Bradford Polyair Range
Products in this range include; Polyair Performa XHD, Polyair Unicell, and Polyair Unicell White. These are high grade reflective insulation which can reflect up to 85% of radiant heat. They can also act as a secondary protective barrier as they have a high water barrier and medium vapour barrier rating.
Kingspan Air-Cell Insulshed 50
Designed for shed applications only, this product is a closed-cell foam structure and is coated in highly reflective foil on both surfaces. It is also Fibre-free and non-allergenic and works to maintain comfortable indoor temperature. For your peace of mind Insulshed 50 is fire retardant and water resistant to ensure you and your belongings are kept secure and safe.
Foilboard Insulation
Foilboard insulation can be used for ceilings, doors, floors and walls and is available in a variety of R-values. Insulating you shed means less disturbance to your home as noisy activities undertaken in the garage/shed are better maintained. Foliboard insulation can be installed during construction or renovation and is a durable product that is resistant to external weather conditions.
Ametalin Reflective Insulation Range
This range is highly resistant to water and has a medium vapour barrier. It is high density XPE foam product that has two reflective foil layers which provide thermal protection and is a multi-purpose product with a variety of r-value options.
Foam Cell Shed Liner
Advanced thermal performance and reflects up to 95% of radiant heat and its general purpose such as garages or sheds. Provides maximum strength and durability and prevents condensation. The liner has a 150mm foil flap for extra coverage and minimal taping and has an anti-glare coating on one side.
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