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Soundscreen Insulation

SoundScreen Insulation has been improved by CSR Bradford, to provide even better sound attenuation properties with its new fiberising technology. Soundproofing your home with Bradford SoundScreen means that noise can be reduced by approximately 10dB over a wall that does not have insulation. There are many factors that affect the noise levels in our home today for example; open plan living, floor boards, timber floors, and entertainment systems. Keep sound where you want it and install SoundScreen in your home theaters, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Bradford SoundScreen works when it is installed between partition studs in internal walls and is a dense layer of insulation which absorbs and redirects noise when it travels from one room to another. The ideal time to install Bradford SoundScreen is during the construction phase, renovation or extension.

Application of SoundScreen Batts

Bradford SoundScreen is designed for installing in new or existing residential houses for application in internal walls, first floor ceiling and second storey floor. Example of rooms within your home that could benefit from SoundScreen insulation would include; laundries, nursery, bathrooms, home theatres and more!
“Doctors and psychologists agree that noise has the ability to raise stress, disrupt sleep and generally reduce your quality of life.” Source: Bradford

Features and Benefits of Soundscreen Batts

• Reduce noise transfer between rooms
• Contain noise zones within your home
• Minimize external noise disruption from aircraft, traffic, neighbours etc.
• Limit foot traffic noise between storey floors
• Provides thermal insulation properties
• Non-combustible
• Low allergen
• 70 year product warranty

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From $ 8.33 p/m2 inc. GST

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Comparing noise transfer with SoundScreen Batts

SoundScreen Batts that are installed correctly can significantly reduce noise transfer within your home. CSR Bradford compared the transfer of noise between a SoundScreen Insulated wall and an uninsulated wall. The following results were obtained;
Input noise decibels into uninsulated wall and output noise decibels;
• 50dB – Quiet noise – 18dB
• 65dB – Bathroom noise – 33dB
• 80dB – Loud voices – 48dB
• 85dB – Entertainment system at moderate level – 53dB
Input noise decibels into SoundScreen insulated wall and output noise decibels;
• 50dB – Quiet noise – 8dB
• 65dB – Bathroom noise – 23dB
• 80dB – Loud voices – 38dB
• 85dB – Entertainment system at moderate level – 43dB
According to Bradford, installing SoundScreen batts in you home can reduce the transfer of noise up to 40% and enjoy the quiet, relaxing home that you deserve!

Product Specifications of SoundScreen Batts

Bradford SoundScreen is available in thicknesses to suit 70mm and 90mm timber stud sizes, and you can choose from a batt width of 430mm or 580mm and R-value range of R1.7, R2, R2.5 and R3.1. SoundScreen batts are classified as non-hazardous, have a relatively low flame response, and can withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees.

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