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Bradford Optimo Insulation

Up to 20% of winter heat loss and summer heat gains occur through the floor of your home. Bradford Optimo Underfloor Insulation can reduce heat loss in winter through suspended timber floors and prevent cold and drafty floors in your home. Optimo Insulation can be installed in new and existing homes.

Benefits of Bradford Optimo Insulation

Bradford Optimo Insulation reduces heat loss and is an excellent sound absorber. By insulating your underfloor with Bradford Optimo, you can reduce your energy bills and the need to use heaters and air conditioner units as frequently. An uninsulated floor can be cold and uncomfortable to walk on despite temperatures being warm inside. Insulating your underfloor means that the floor itself is warmer as well as the temperature in the room. Bradford Optimo can also dampen the sound of foot traffic, creating a quieter space to relax in. Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program, Bradford Optimo helps to reduce triggers that cause asthma. With a 70-year product performance warranty, Bradford Optimo insulation can help you achieve a 6 star energy rating home for many years to come.

This extremely efficient product from CSR Bradford can keep your family snug and warm in winter and reduce heat gains throughout summer. Bradford Optimo can be installed in the underfloor of your new or existing homes and can be completed as DIY project with Optimo accessories for a quality and complete job.

What Bradford Optimo Insulation size do I need?

To determine the right width needed, you will need to measure the distance from the middle of one joist to middle of the next joist. The measurement will be either 450mm or 600mm. For a 450mm joist width a 415mm batt size is needed and for a 600mm joist width a 565mm batt size is needed. Measure your joist height to determine your R-value. The depth will be either 75mm or 90mm.

• Width 450mm & Depth 75mm = R2.1
• Width 450mm & Depth 90mm = R2.5
• Width 600mm & Depth 75mm = R2.1
• Width 600mm & Depth 90mm = R2.5

From $ 19.57 p/m2 inc. GST

Bradford Optimo Installation Tips

 Bradford Optimo Underfloor Insulation is designed to fit snugly between underfloor joists. When installing insulation make sure you have appropriate gear such as a light, safety glasses, gloves, dusk mask, and wear a long sleeved shirt. Switch off main power board before you begin and don’t cover any ventilation openings, wiring or equipment with insulation, if in doubt ask an electrician for advice. Remember to have no gaps between the insulation batts and do not compress the batts for maximum effectiveness and R-value. 

Installation in new builds of Bradford Optimo Insulation

 In new builds, Bradford Optimo Insulation can be installed in floor joist from above as the flooring is not yet laid. Insulation is held in place by Bradford Optimo Saddles that come in two sizes, 70mm for the insulation batt R2.1 and 90mm to suit R2.5 thickness. The saddles are fastened into the joists, 300mm from the end of each batt.  

Retrofit Of Bradford Optimo

 Before you begin installing Bradford Optimo insulation in existing buildings, switch off all power sources and ensure you have enough packs in the underfloor area for the whole job to be completed. Start at the furthest point on the joist and make sure the insulation fits snugly and no gaps. Use Bradford Optimo Saddles to hold the insulation batts in place by fixing it into the joists every 300mm from the end of each insulation batt.  

Video - Tips for Installing Bradford Optimo Insulation

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