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Insulation Panels

Insulation panels are a type of insulation form that are solid sheets commonly applied to walls, roofs, floors and foundations. Solid insulation panels are easy to handle and install saving you time and money. The insulation panels that we stock at Pricewise insulation are all closed-cell structures, which means the cells are pressed together so there is no room for air or water to move through it. They are resistant to vapour and locks air movement which stops drafts etc.. It is dense and strong and will not attach mould or rotting. The R-value of these insulation panels are exceptionally high for its thickness width!

Benefits of Solid Insulation Panels

• High thermal efficiency maintaining stable temperatures all year round.
• Reduction in energy usage
• Lightweight and rigid board for easy installation
• Can be cut to suite any size
• Durable and will no loose its structure by sagging.

Solid Insulation Panel Products

At Pricewise insulation we stock a wide range of insulation panels for thermal and structural insulation solutions. Solid board panels are versatile and can be cut to almost any shape, and suitable for use in residential and commercial buildings including schools, hospitals, office buildings, airports, and housing developments. Solid insulation panel products available at Pricewise Insulation include;
• Foilboard Green Rigid Insulation Panels
• Expol Polystyrene Insulation
• Knauf Climafoam XPS Insulation
• Kingspan Kooltherm range
• Pirmax PIR Insulation Panels

From $ 7.73 p/m2 inc. GST
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Foam Board Insulation Benefits

Foam board insulation has a variety of applications and is a versatile and durable product. Generically speaking, insulation boards should maintain their thermal performance for the life of the board, will not sag or delaminate. Foam boards are lightweight making it easy and fast to install, just remember that foam boards should be installed without gaps for optimal thermal performance. In addition to its thermal performance, foam boards also provide acoustic sound damping properties to keep noise levels at a comfortable level within your home.