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Insulated Plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard is a high performing 2-in-1 product which can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications to improve energy efficiency and provide vapour control. Insulated plasterboard products are typically made with a core of high performing insulation material which is backed on one side with gypsum based plasterboard. The other side usually features a tissue based facing to aid with fast and effective installation.

Is it worth installing insulated plasterboard?

Traditionally, plasterboard and insulation products are installed separately in walls and ceilings. However, insulated plasterboard allows you to insulate and line the walls or ceiling at the same time. This means faster and more convenient installation while still achieving excellent temperature regulation and moisture control.

The benefits of insulated plasterboard include:

• Fast installation
• Convenient installation – insulate and line walls at same time
• Excellent thermal control
• Improved energy efficiency and reduced energy costs
• High compressive strength
• Moisture resistance and vapour control
• Long term retained R-values

When to use insulated plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

• Brick, concrete and masonry walls
• Stud walls and ceilings
• High humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens
• Commercial interior walls and ceilings in high impact areas
• Areas with limited space

Insulated plasterboard is suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Most insulated plasterboard products can be fixed in place using the same fixing methods as standard plasterboard, including construction adhesive bonding and mechanical fixed methods. Modern insulated plasterboard products are easy to handle and install, and can be cut using standard hand tools.

Does insulated plasterboard make a difference?

Insulation is an essential design feature for all buildings and is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency and save on heating and cooling costs. While standard plasterboard provides a small amount of thermal resistance, insulated plasterboard is far better at preventing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Many modern insulated plasterboard products also offer excellent vapour control to prevent moisture issues and good fire resistant properties to protect your building.

Insulated plasterboard comes in a range of thicknesses and R-Values to meet local building regulations and minimum total R-Value requirements. For higher thermal performance and greater energy savings, look for products with a higher R-Value.

Super high performance insulated plasterboard

Kingspan Kooltherm K17 insulated plasterboard is one of our most popular products. The insulation core is made from a super high performance rigid thermoset phenolic insulation, offering quick response heating and cooling and a long service life.

Kingspan Kooltherm K17 insulated plasterboard comes with a 10 year warranty for both residential and commercial applications. Alternative lining boards can be bonded to the Kingspan insulation core to create customised finishes.

Another popular choice in our insulated plasterboard range is Metecno PIR insulation. Manufactured in Australia to meet Australian standards, these insulated boards offer excellent thermal performance in a highly compressed product making them ideal for applications where a high R-Value is required in a limited space.

For more information about our insulated plasterboard range or to discuss your project with an expert, call the Pricewise Insulation team on 1300 729 639 and we’d be happy to help.