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Fletcher Permastop Insulation

Permastop Insulation is an Australian made product, manufactured from up to 80% recycled materials. This roof insulation blanket provides both thermal and acoustic benefits, and is lined with a moisture barrier of high quality Sisalation foil to minimize the risk of condensation. Contact us for trade prices!

Permastop Insulation Applications

Fletcher Permastop is designed for installation in metal clad roofs and metal clad walls in residential homes, and commercial buildings such as warehouses, offices, and other applications including ships, motor vehicles, public transport etc. Permastop is usually installed with the reflective laminate side facing downwards; however, in hot and humid tropical regions the reflective foil is typically installed on the underside of a metal roof. Choose from a range of R-values from R1.3 to R3.6 for your thermal performance needs.

Fletcher Permastop Features and Benefits

• Thermal and acoustic insulation properties
• Minimizes risk of condensation
• Australian made
• Non-combustible
• Suitable for use in bushfire areas with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 0 – 40
• No harm to fish or wildlife would be caused by this product
• Not classified as a hazardous air pollutant
• Zero use of Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) substances
• Safe to handle

Permastop Insulation - Product Specifications

There are three foil facing types:
• Sisalation Light Duty (LD) reflective foil laminate
• Sisalation Medium Duty (MD) reflective foil laminate
• Sisalation Heavy Duty (HD) reflective foil laminate
The thermal performance of each product varies based on application and installation method. Before installation Fletcher Permastop should be kept dry for optimal performance. After unpacking, normal thickness should be reached within 24 hours of installation. During installation, if cutting is required using a sharp knife and straight edge is recommended and avoid the use of power tools. Remember that Permastop Building Blanket is not a sarking membrane and is not able to withstand weathering, wetting or excessive moisture, ensure that external cladding is applied soon after. Permastop insulation is considered to be have low bio-degradable rating and would persist in the environment without correct waste management.