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Fibreglass Insulation

Fibreglass insulation is one of the most effective, affordable and cost-effective insulation materials available. Whether you’re insulating your walls, your ceiling, underneath the floor or anywhere in between, you’re sure to find the perfect product in our fibreglass insulation range. Read more on how fibreglass insulation (and insulation in general) works.

Fibreglass insulation is exactly what it sounds like, insulation made from fibreglass. Insulation works by trapping small pockets of air, and as air is a fantastic insulation, these pockets of air serve to regulate temperature in your home by restricting thermal movement. Seems complex, but in reality it just means the fibreglass strands have air between them and that keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Up to 80% Recycled Glass

Many of our fibreglass insulation products are up to 80% recycled glass fibres. They’re a surprisingly environmentally friendly product, and their longevity & damp resistance ensures that it’ll stay efficient and working optimally for years to come—meaning you’ll get 20+ years of great insulation.

As it’s made from glass, fibreglass insulation is often referred to as glass wool. Many brands have doubled down on this, referring to their products as some sort of ‘wool’. Likely due to public opinion of fibreglass insulations as being ‘itchy’, or hazardous to installers. Modern fibreglass insulation, or glass wool, is much easier to handle—many brands have perfected their products to not be itchy at all, and with modern binding materials they’re more than safe to handle (whether you’re a DIY’er or a seasoned insulation installation professional).

Great Insulation Saves you LOTS of Money

With a properly insulated home, you’ll often find you don’t need the heater or air-con at all. It really is that effective at moderating the temperature of your home, and keeping it comfortable almost all year round.

When you do need to run the AC, it won’t be for as long, or as frequently. There’s often a misconception that insulation will cause your house to be hotter in summer as it traps the heat in, however this is not the case at all. While it’s true that insulation prevents heat transfer, meaning if you run the heater in summer your house will be warm for days—the insulation keeps the heat from outside from getting in. Inside, your house will stay cool and comfortable with a little ventilation.

Use Fibreglass Insulation Throughout Your Home

For the best results with insulation, you’re best to insulate your whole home. Insulate your roof, your ceiling, your walls and beneath the floor and you’ll truly see how comfortable, quiet and serene a home can be.

Here at Pricewise Insulation, we don’t just offer the best range of insulation at great prices, all over Australia. We do that and offer insight, information and advice on all things insulation.

Wondering how much it’s going to cost to insulate your home? Read our guide on exactly how much it’s going to cost to insulate your home in Australia, where you can save money and where you really should choose the premium option.

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