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Garage Door Insulation

Sick of a shed or garage that’s too hot, too cold or too loud to really get the most use out of it? Maybe if your garage exists only as a place to park your car or store some things, you won’t mind if it’s sweltering in summer and freezing in winter. But, with great garage door insulation you can render your garage comfortable, climate controlled and much more pleasant to be in almost instantly.

The garage door is often the number one reason your garage isn’t a nice temperature. The typical metal garage door is generally thin sheet metal, a very poor insulator, and paired with often not-quite-tight draught proofing, the heat of summer and cold of winter are free to come and go as they please.

Here at Pricewise Insulation, we’re all about making spaces more habitable, comfortable and more energy efficient with insulation. Your shed door can also be insulated properly, and transform your space.

Why Install Garage Door Insulation?

There are many reasons why you might want to install garage door insulation. What if you want to set up a home gym? Do some painting, art or craft? Working out in what’s basically a sauna in summer and a freezer in winter isn’t anyone’s idea of a great time. Similarly, trying to get a smooth coat of paint laid down is much harder the more extreme the temperature gets.

Ever tried to use fibreglass resin, say for repairing a surfboard, when the ambient temperature is 40+ degrees? Take it from us, it’s not fun.

Your new home office or family room.

If you don’t need the room to store your cars, or only need to work from home for a little while, turning your garage into an extra room is easy with great insulation. Not only will it keep the extreme temperatures at bay (and justify installing a split-system air con), insulation is fantastic for acoustic management too. Carve out a quiet space to get some work done, or even set up a permanent home office away from your main house.

Easy insulation for sectional garage doors.

Here at Pricewise Insulation, we offer a broad range of insulation products from the best brands in the industry. Whether your garage door swings on hinges or is a sectional number that rolls up along the roof, we’ve got insulation to suit.

Utilise our Air-Cell for flexible applications, or our fantastic foilboard cut to size for more rigid, sectional doors. While you’re at it, why not consider insulating the whole garage (if it isn’t already!) to truly transform the space into an extension of your home.

Look after your equipment with climate control.

Often overlooked, a particularly hot shed or garage isn’t good for the lifespans of your sporting equipment, automotive tools, parts and fluids, or building and craft materials. A great example are kiteboarding kites, everyone knows not to store them in your hot car—but a 45+ degree garage is equally detrimental to the valve glue, rubber hosing and elastics.

Look after your possessions so they’re there when you need them, by keeping your garage at a much friendlier temperature.

Need help choosing the right product?

Browse our complete range of garage door insulation products, or jump on the phone and make use of our decades of experience in the building industry. We can help you find the perfect product, in just the right amount for your application.

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