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Van & Caravan Insulation

Insulating your caravan means that the heat is kept out during summer and warmth kept in during winter. Enjoy your caravan all year round as insulation provides thermal and sound protection. Save energy by reducing you use of heaters or air conditioners with stable internal temperatures.

Caravan Insulation & Van Insulation Benefits

Soundproof your campervan and minimize disturbing noises from outside for a peaceful ride to your destination. Additionally, campervan insulation can prevent condensation from forming and stop mould or rusting from occurring. There are many benefits to insulating your caravan, some of these include; maintaining a stable internal temperature, reducing draughts and weathering. Lessen your impact on the environment and reduce your need to use heating and cooling units thus increasing energy savings. Caravan insulation can soundproof your caravan by adding layers of insulation, to create a more relaxing feel within your caravan. Non-toxic and safe to handle insulation makes for a cost-effective DIY project.

Caravan Insulation & Van Insulation Types

Rigid Board Panels such as Foilboard and XPS insulation can be installed in the roof, underfloor, walls and retrofit. Lightweight, easy to install and can be cut to size unusual areas. Installing rigid board insulation increases thermal efficiency in your caravan so that external weather temperatures are no longer a limitation when using your camper van.

Glasswool insulation is a great solution for those hard to reach gaps as it is compressible and can be cut to fit gaps and holes and provides both acoustic and thermal benefits. Glasswool works by trapping air between its fibres and prevents air from passing through, glasswool is also a poor conductor of heat which makes the insulation effective in preventing heat transfer.

Reflective foil and foam insulation such as Ametalin and Air-Cell Insulshed can be used for the roof, walls and floor of a caravan. Some products have a reflective layer on one or both sides of the insulation and can reflect up to 97% of radiant heat. The benefits of reflective foil include; high water barrier, medium vapour barrier and thermal resistance.

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