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Sisalation Insulation

Sisalation is designed for use as sarking and provides a secondary membrane skin to your home, helping to minimise draughts. When installed correctly (with an air gap) it will also increase the total R-value of your building and allow bulk insulation to work more effectively.

Sisalation Insulation – How does it work?

While bulk insulation works by slowing the heat transfer through the insulating material, foil insulation like Sisalation use their reflective surface to stop radiant heat. Contrary to what you might expect, insulation foil doesn’t need to face its reflective foil surface outwards ‘towards the sun’ in order to work, and in fact (for safety/anti-glare reasons), it is much more commonly installed with the reflective surface facing into the house. When used in combination with bulk thermal insulation, Sisalation foil insulation is very effective both in increasing the thermal efficiency of the building, as a windbreak, and also can serve as a reassuring guarantee that the thermal wall batts won’t come into contact with the brickwork. Without an air-gap of about 2cm, foil insulation won’t work as it should, and with no air-gap, the product is basically ineffective as an insulator.

Sisalation Insulation Advantages

There are many benefits to installing Sisalation in your home or building including; weatherproofing your home from rain and draughts, minimize moisture absorption of timber frames, tear resistant and increases overall R-value of a building. Additionally, Sisalation insulation is suitable for use in Bushfire areas and has a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 0 – 40 and walls with a BAL of 0 – FZ in accordance with AS 3959-2009. Sisalation is also proudly Australian made.

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Sisalation Insulation Application

• Sisalation Tile Roof Sarking is designed for use as sarking under concrete and terracotta file roofs. 
• Sisalation Metal Roof Sarking is designed for application under residential and commercial metal roofs.
• Sisalation Tuff Wrap can be used as a wall wrap for residential and commercial buildings.
• Sisalation Multipurpose suitable for a range of applications such as roof and wall sarking for residential and commercial buildings.
• Sisalation Bubble Cell 100 is suitable for use as a pliable building membrane and underlay in residential applications.

Sisalation Insulation Is Green Star Compliant

Launched in 2003, Green Start is a sustainability rating system that is voluntary and run by the Green Star Building Council of Australia which is a national authority that certifies building and community projects is compliance with is rating system. Sisalation insulation is Green Star compliant and uses no ozone depleting potential (ODP) substances during the manufacturing process, and no harmful levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are released.

Sisalation Insulation Tips

• Remember to keep Sisalation insulation dry.
• Prevent exposure to alkaline products, cement and mortar.
• Sisalation is not designed to withstand weathering so external cladding needs to be installed straight afterwards.
• Available in a width of 1350mm or 1500mm and a length of 30mm or 60mm.