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Air-Cell Insulation

AIR-CELL insulation is produced in Australia to meet the highest insulation standards. The Kingspan AIR-CELL range has many applications suited for roofs, walls and floors. These fibre-free flexible reflective insulation products are versatile and can be used in any residential and commercial construction setting. AIR-CELL insulation is Australian made and can help you achieve a 6-star house energy rating!

Kingspan Air-Cell

Here are some of the benefits of Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulation:

• Non-allergenic, and non-irritant
• Non-asthmatic and poses no health or safety risks.
• Quick and easy to install
• Weatherproof
• Strong and durable
• Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
• Rodent and insect resistant

How It Works – Insulbreak

Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak and other products, reduces radiation, convection and conduction heat. There are three types of heat; radiation (heat transfer that does not rely on contact between the heat source and object), convection (transfer of heat by the movement of fluids), and conduction (heat transfer when two objects are touching directly). The most prominent form of heat is radiation, this type of heat transfer is the reason we see heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through roofs, underfloor, and wall spaces of a building.
Kingspan AIR-CELL’s highly reflective foil can reflect up to 97% of radiant heat away from its surface and the remaining 3% of heat transfer is reduced by the conductional resistance of the polymer air cell structure. Air-cells resistance to heat flow can enable savings of up to 50% for building occupants and less energy usage means reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the environment.

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$ 12.44 p/m2 inc. GST

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Insulbreak Applications

Air-Cell Insulbreak is a thermo fiber-free reflective insulation with a variety of applications including;
• Various roof types such as, pitched, flat and tapered roofs
• Cavity and solid walls
• Framings made from timber or steel
• Cladding and render systems that are externally insulated
• Floors
• Soffits

Kingspan Air-Cell Safety Information

Kingspan Air-Cell is classified as non-hazardous/non-toxic and no personal protective equipment is required during installation process. It is recommended that UV protective glasses and sunscreen should used when installing insulation in direct sunlight. Leave a 50mm clearance from hot flues and light fittings and remember that foil facing can conduct electricity so avoid contact with any electrical cords etc.

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