Why Insulate Your Interior Walls?

The internal walls of your home should be insulated during the construction phase of your home. Insulating interior walls can create climate zones within your home, enabling you to heat or cool sections in your home. For example, you may want to heat or cool the living areas during the day and the bedrooms at night. This can reduce your home’s energy usage and in turn your energy bills, helping you to make big savings. Additionally, insulating your internal walls can sound proof your home and reduce noise transfer between rooms.

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Acoustic Internal Wall Insulation

Installing acoustic insulation can reduce noise transfer within your home by up to 75%. Creating a quiet and tranquil space to unwind in after a busy day, can reduce stress levels and has overall health benefits for you and your family. Sound insulation is denser than regular insulation batts and can absorb and deflect sound more effectively. As acoustic batts are lightweight and rigid, they can be easily installed in your wall cavity for a soundproof home.

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Video – Does My Home Need Acoutic Insulation?

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Thermal Internal Wall Insulation

There are many thermal benefits to insulating the interior walls of your home. For superior thermal performance consider installing a higher R-value in your internal walls, because the higher the R-value the greater its insulating ability to keep heat in during winter and heat out during summer. Internal wall insulation can also assist in creating climate zones within your home, so that you can heat and cool selected rooms within your home without needing to heat and cool the entire house. This will reduce your overall energy usage and increase your energy savings.

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Bradford Fireseal Insulation

Bradford Fireseal is made from non-combustible rockwool. It is especially designed for inter-tenancy walls in multi residential buildings. Installing fire resistant insulation means that a fire can be contained and controlled within that compartment area. It is designed to act as a passive fire protection system and in conjunction with other fire protection equipment can save lives and minimize fire damage. For your convenience, Fireseal is easy to cut and install.