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Between Floors Insulation

An area often forgotten for sound insulation is between the floors of a double storey home. Insulation between floors can limit the transfer of noise and ensure a more peaceful and quiet home to relax in. We recommend installing either acoustic insulation or R4.0 or higher ceiling insulation.

Why Install Insulation Between Floors?

Thermal Benefits with Mid-Floor Insulation

There are thermal benefits to installing insulation between floors, in particular if most of your time will be spent either in the upper or lower level of the house. In that case, any indoor heating or cooling appliances will work more effectively to maintain a stable temperature throughout your home. By installing mid-floor insulation, thermal heat loss can be reduced between floors and rooms. If your home is built on wooden stumps then don’t forget to install underfloor insulation as well.

Acoustic Insulation in the Mid-Floor Insulation

Midfloor insulation can limit the transfer of noise between floors to allow for a peaceful and quite space to relax in. Floor insulation can reduce up to 75% of noise levels between adjacent floors and can maintain noise at an acceptable level. Children shouting, loud music or even a noisy washing machine can create disturbances to the rest of the household. Acoustic insulation between two levels of a house can help to create a quieter home and contain sound to its designated area. Mid-floor insulation is relatively easy to install, very effective and great value for money.

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From $ 12.69 p/m2 inc. GST

Insulation for Between Floors

To ensure you benefit the most from your floor insulation consider soft furnishings such as carpet and rugs to add an additional insulating barrier. Be aware that heat gain and loss can occur through windows, skylights and doors. Take action to minimize this by installing shutters, blinds and planting trees that provide shade for your home.

Choosing The Right R-Value For Between Floors

The R-value is a measure of a material’s resistance to conduct heat (also known as thermal resistance). Therefore, the higher the R-value the greater the insulating effect it has and subsequent energy savings. Products with a similar R-value will provide similar insulating capabilities, regardless of the thickness of the batt or material type.

Insulate The Mid-Floor During Construction

 Installing insulation between floors in a multi-storey house or building needs to be completed during the construction phase or during a renovation project. Not only will you reap the benefits of floor insulation, but insulation adds value to your home and vendors now have the opportunity to add insulation specifications to their listing when putting their property up for sale.

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