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Slab Edge Insulation

Slab Edge Insulation is a robust thermal barrier, keeping your indoor spaces warm in winter and cool in summer. Engineered to reduce thermal bridging and ensure consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Is it worth installing slab edge insulation?

Slab edge insulation provides a thermal barrier to prevent heat losses and gains through concrete slabs. Also known as ‘edge beam insulation’, this product helps to improve a building’s energy efficiency and provide year round comfort.

  • Better temperature control in cold climates
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Effective moisture management and condensation control
  • Easy to handle and cut to size
  • Long term thermal performance

Slab Edge Insulation: a cost effective solution for your local climate

Concrete slab floors are a common choice for Australian homes because they offer high thermal mass and high thermal efficiency properties when insulated properly. Slab edge insulation ensures optimal thermal efficiency without breaking the bank.

Maximise your energy savings with total home insulation

Enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and cutting down on energy bills can be achieved through a well-insulated concrete slab. However, to fully unlock the potential benefits of insulation, it’s crucial to insulate your entire residence.

Maximising heat retention and minimising heat gain can be achieved year-round by incorporating a combination of roof insulation, ceiling insulation, wall insulation, underslab insulation, and slab edge insulation. This comprehensive approach not only enhances comfort but also results in long-term energy savings.

For optimal effectiveness, consider integrating insulation solutions during the construction phase. While retrofitting is possible in certain existing homes, planning for insulation during the initial build or renovation is highly recommended.

For project specific advice or more information about our underslab insulation products, get in touch with the Pricewise team today.