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XPS Insulation – XPS Foam

Extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS) – also known as XPS insulation – is a high performing, water resistant thermal insulation which can be used under concrete slabs and flat roofs, in cavity walls, cool rooms and more. XPS foam insulation offers superior thermal performance for better energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Plus, it’s easy to handle, has high compressive strength and maintains its R-Value for the lifetime of the building.

XPS Foam – High Performing Closed Cell Insulation

XPS foam boards are manufactured using an extrusion process which involves melting plastic resin and other ingredients together and then extruding the liquid through a die. When the liquid cools it expands, creating a rigid closed cell structure where there are no gaps between the cell walls.
The closed cell structure means no moisture can penetrate the XPS foam board and heat is not easily transferred. In other words, closed cell insulation offers excellent water resistance, superior thermal performance and high compressive strength.

Expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS insulation) is another type of closed cell insulation. Instead of being made through an extrusion process like XPS, EPS insulation is made from polystyrene beads which expand and fuse together under the influence of heat and steam.

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Prevent Heat Loss Through the Ground with XPS Insulation

One of the most popular applications of rigid XPS foam boards is underneath and around the edges of concrete slabs. Thanks to its high compressive strength and excellent moisture resistance, XPS insulation is an ideal way to insulate concrete slabs to prevent heat loss and gain through the ground.

If you are installing heating on your concrete slab – such as hydronic heating or electric resistance heating – under-slab and slab-edge insulation is mandated by the Building Code of Australia.

XPS insulation products can help maintain the temperature of the slab, improving energy efficiency and saving you money on heating and cooling costs. XPS insulation maintains its R-Value in the presence of moisture and offers excellent long term R-Value – many XPS products will last the lifetime of your building.

Versatile XPS Insulation with a Wide Range of Applications

XPS insulation is an ideal product for the construction industry because it’s highly versatile, easy to handle, can be cut into any size and shape and maintains its structural integrity over time.

Our XPS insulation products – including Knauf Climafoam XPS board – have been used for a wide range of applications such as:

• Flat roofs with a single ply membrane
• Green roof and garden roofs
• Inverted roofs below ballast or paving slabs
• Under concrete slabs and slab edge insulation
• Cool rooms and refrigerative trucks
• Ceiling insulation
• Cavity walls and exterior walls

Get Expert Advice for Your Project

Not sure if foam board is right for your project? Read our guide “When should I use board insulation?” or get in touch with the Pricewise Insulation team to discuss your project needs.

We supply a large range of rigid foam insulation products, including the popular Knauf Climafoam XPS board, at competitive prices and excellent turnaround times.