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Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation reduces the amount of heat entering and leaving the home. During the summer thermal insulation acts as a barrier to keep the heat out. During the cooler winter months, the same thermal insulation helps to prevent heat loss. This makes your home energy efficient, saving up to 40% in your energy costs and making your home comfortable all year round. Up to half of the energy we use to heat or cool our homes can simply leak out without thermal insulation. Thermal insulation batts are the cheapest solution for saving money on your energy bills. Pricewise Insulation sells the best thermal insulation batts, including underfloor insulation batts, ceiling insulation batts and wall insulation batts.

Thermal Insulation Materials

Thermal insulation isn’t just used in buildings – cars, clothing, mechanical systems and of course birds and animals all use and benefit from heat insulation to restrict or control the transfer of heat and cold. As technology has developed and energy costs have risen, the public awareness of the need for thermal insulation has increased to the extent where in the developed world it would be almost unthinkable to design or build a house without some consideration being taken to the thermal efficiency of the building. To understand the necessity and usefulness of energy efficient design, combined with heat insulation, it can be interesting to take a look at what the least energy efficient house might look like.

Is Glasswool Or Polyester A Better Thermal Insulation Material?

What’s needed is a thermal insulating barrier, or more specifically thermal insulation – a thick, dense material like glasswool or polyester riddled with miniscule air-pockets – to arrest the heat in its tracks. Thermal insulation benefits the building occupants all year round – during the chilly winter months, it hinders the pleasant indoor warmth from constantly escaping up and out through the ceiling.
The great thing about thermal ceiling insulation, is that it can usually be installed at any time during the life of the home, whereas thermal wall insulation must realistically be installed before walls are lined, either during the building phase, or during a subsequent renovation project. The cheapest and most efficient way to reduce energy costs and to maintain desirable indoor temperatures at home, is to install thermal insulation – first and foremost in the ceiling, thereafter in the walls, and in some circumstances – underneath the floor.

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Thermal Insulation Benefits

• Reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems
• Save money on your energy bills
• Improve your comfort at home
• Protect the environment and reduce greenhouse
• Reduce gas emissions by lowering your energy consumption
A well-insulated home is insulated using a combination of thermal insulation products. Pricewise Insulation can advise you which products are suited best for your particular project, and we can also offer a bulk order discount if you require a significant quantity for your project.

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