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Ametalin Insulation

Ametalin manufactures reflective foil insulation and foam insulation products for roofs, walls and floors in residential housing, and commercial and industrial buildings. Ametalin Insulation has a range of products designed for the Australian climate zones and hot arid weather.

Ametalin Reflective Foil Insulation

Reflective foil insulation has a thin layer of foil on one or both sides of the insulation and can reflect up to 97% of radiant heat, which can greatly reduce the temperature inside your home. Listed below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the reflective foil insulation products available.

Ametalin ThermalBreak 7™ & 8 PLUS™

Both these products have three important features for one product; reflective insulation, thermal resistance, and medium vapour barrier. Ametalin ThermalBreak 7 & 8 Plus are multi-purpose and can be used for both roof and wall applications and meet the National Construction Code (NCC) and Building Code of Australia (BCA) R0.2 thermal break requirement for steel framed construction. Ametalin ThermalBreak 7 & 8 Plus is compression resistant and durable making it suitable for applications in steel framed construction, metal roof sarking, tile roof sarking and premium wall wrap.

Ametalin ThermalBrane 6.5™, 4™ & GP™

ThermalBrane is multi-purpose and can be used in roofs and walls. ThermalBrane 6.5™ has a material R-value of R0.16 whilst ThermalBrane 4™ & GP™ has an R-value of R0.1. ThermaBrane products have 3 in 1 performance benefits that include; reflective insulation, thermal resistance and medium vapour barrier. Additionally, the Ametalin ThermalBrane range has many desirable features to promote easy installation and product durability such as; fibre-free, non-allergenic, non-irritant, compression resistant and suitable for use in bushfire-risk areas. Ametalin ThermalBrane 6.5™, 4™ & GP™ is a reflective foil insulation that can be used in double brick cavity wall wrap, metal roof sarking, tile roof sarking, and premium wall wrap. Ametalin ThermalBrane 6.5™ is the preferred product for double brick constructions.

Ametalin SilverSark® & SilverSark® xR

SilverSark® is a single sided aluminium foil designed for roof sarking and wall wraps and the reflective side of the foil provides extra R-value when installed facing an air cavity. SilverSark® xR is a double-sided reflective foil insulation designed for metal roofs where temperatures can reach above 80oC and can provide extra R-value from both inward and outward reflective surfaces. Both SilverSark® & SilverSark® xR products can reflect 97% of radiant heat from its aluminium foil side, has a high-water barrier and provides superior heat resistance. These products are suited for application in internal wall lining and vapour barrier behind fibre cement and timber cladding in most Australian climates.

Ametalin Pleated SilverBatts™

Pleated SilverBatts™ are double sided reflective expandable wall insulation. The reflective foil surface gives your wall extra R-value by creating reflective air spaces as the material is folded into accordion sheets and expanded between studs, joists and other framing members. For additional reflective air spaces use multiple pleated SilverBatts™ or SilverSark® xR wall wrap and increase your wall R-value. Applications include; typical brick veneer and cement/timber/steel cladding – steel and timber frame.

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