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Autex Quietspace Insulation

Autex Quietspace products are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing interior acoustic solutions. It’s made from 100% Polyester fibre; is safe to handle, non-toxic, non-allergenic and contains no irritants. Control your surroundings and minimise reverberated noise and background echo with a range of Quietspace products.

We Offer Commercial Pricing

We offer the complete range of Quietspace products to customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Please give our team a call on 1300 729 639 and they will be happy to assist you with pricing and product information.

Why Choose Quietspace Insulation?

Because it is the perfect acoustic solution for any commercial, retail, education, hospitality, health care facilities and home improvements. Autex Quietspace Insulation is available in an exciting range of designs and colours. Quietspace absorbs and diminishes reverberated noise for a premium acoustic solution that is aesthetically pleasing. Quietspace interior products are achieving new global standards in reducing their environmental foot-print and are accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Management Systems. There is limitless architectural design with Quietspace and the materials can be printed on, custom cut to size and to achieve your acoustic masterpiece design.  To ensure you are achieving the most effective sound absorption in your space, Autex can provide a free reverberation calculations and consultation with you.

Autex Quietspace Insulation Applications

Quietspace is a versatile and durable range that can be utilised and applied to many settings including residential and commercial spaces.  Some examples of commercial applications include; offices, retail stores, hospitality, meeting rooms, education sector and more! Autex’s design engineers can work alongside architects, interior designers and facility planners to achieve your desired acoustic levels and design an interior space that is relaxing and productive.

Acoustic Insulation

Autex Quietspace® Panel

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This highly durable and versatile product is a decorative and functional textile that can be cut to any shape for limitless possibilities. Select from a range of over 40 exciting colours! Vertiface® can be used as a wallcovering or in conjunction with other Autex Interior Acoustic products provide superior sound absorbing capabilities.
Vertiface is a UV resistant fabric that is made from 100% polyester material and is moisture resistant ensuring this product won’t stain, rot or break down over its lifetime. The Vertiface product is being used in commercial offices, cafes and restaurants, home improvements, libraries, education spaces and more!

Composition ®

Composition® is an acoustic wall covering that is durable and flexible. Composition provides an alternative to painting and introduces a protective layer for plasterboards. With limitless design possibilities; select from a range of colours, custom colour printing, custom cut to shape and specialised fitting in any space for creative freedom and interior noise reduction.
 Composition is taking the lead in supplying decorative and function wallcovering to retail, commercial and education users and is especially recommended for learning zones or working spaces as it reduces noise transfer and echos in a room. Additionally, Composition can be utilised as a display board and is designed to be receptive with pin, stable, and hook and loop making its application versatile!

Composition® Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles

Composition® Peel and Stick is an acoustic tile that is easy to install with an adhesive backing which makes it the perfect DIY project. Peel ‘n’ Stick tiles come in a pack of 6, so you can mix and match from a great range of colours for endless design options. It can be used as a wall feature or complete wall covering and is hook and loop receptive with a pinnable surface. Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles are suitable for indoor use-only and can be incorporated into any education, retail or commercial area to reduce noise and manage echo, creating the ideal peaceful space.


Symphony™ is made from high-density polyester containing no less than 45% recycled material. It is an acoustic wall covering that can liven up any space and provide a high-end solution to noise reduction indoors. Symphony is being utilised in tertiary and secondary education settings to produce a more productive environment where noise levels are reduced, and room echo controlled. This wall covering is also well suited for commercial offices, retail and hospitality sectors, and is highly durable and functional as a pinboard surface. Symphony is available in over 25 premium colours and can be cut to any shape to suite your indoor environment.


Cube™ Acoustic Multimedia is a stylish and practical wall covering for education, retail and commercial interior sectors. This lightweight semi-rigid panel has limitless creative possibilities including; acoustic wall covering, modular room divider for privacy and sound absorption, free standing panel and a media support for creative ideas with a pin-board surface. Cube provides design flexibility without the need for edging or capping. Cube is available in a wide range of solid colours, with custom colour printing and custom cutting available to ensure your interior design dreams come true! Cube is made from 65% post-consumer recycled material and is non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritant and safe to handle.


Workstation™ is a Vertiface® covered polyester panel that has advanced sound absorbing capabilities to assist in controlling back-ground chatter, echos and reverberated sound. This product would be well-suited in a commercial setting and can be utilised as office dividers, partitions, and sustainable furniture. Workstation is safe to handle, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergen and, is durable and lightweight for easy installation and long-term performance guarantee.
Choose from a selection of colours including single and double-sided panel colour options and the choice of having different colours on each panel side. Create your own personalised brand awareness with specialised custom cutting and printing services. With a pin-board surface and sound absorbing features the Workstation panel board would be an outstanding addition to any commercial office space.


Etch™ is a wall covering that incorporates design, colour and texture. Etch™ can be mounted directly to your chosen surface or combined with Autex’s acoustic backing options to create your desired acoustic performance. Select from 30 colours and 15 standard patterns or opt to Etch you own custom design. Etch™ is a stylish and practical wallcovering for commercial use in cafes and restaurants, retail, and education spaces.

Quietspace® 3D Tiles

Quietspace® 3D tiles are visually appealing and have vibrant colours and designs. This product is sturdy and lightweight which enables it to be easily installed. It is a modern alternative to traditional wall paper and aside from its visual design, minimizes interior noise to create a quieter and more relaxing space. Quietspace® 3D ceiling tiles is ideal for high ceilings and maintains acoustic balance within a room. Quietspace® 3D tile products would be most beneficial in an open plan office space, retail store or hospitality setting.

Quietspace® Lattice

The Quietspace® Lattice is made from Autex Cube™ and is available in three unique designs; Trapezium, Eclipse and Torus. This Acoustic baffle is suspended and functions to reduce reverberated noise and minimizes background echo in spaces such as, learning commons, hospitality, office meeting rooms and commercial interiors. Quietspace® Lattice is an artistic statement and a modern piece to any new building or retro-fit space. Lightweight and easy to install, Quietspace® Lattice is available in range of colours and Autex can customise Lattice to suite your space!


Frontier™ is available in five unique styles and 16 colours with the option to mix and match colours to bring an exclusive design to your commercial, retail, hospitality, or education space. Frontier™ can be applied to both wall and ceilings to provide excellent acoustic performance and to create an aesthetically attractive interior environment. This product is easy to dismantle, clean and hides the ceiling surface. Autex’s in-house design team gives you the ability to custom design your own creation of Quietspace® Frontier™.


Horizon™ allows shapes to appear floating from ceiling and walls, whilst providing acoustic noise absorbing capabilities. Horizon™ does not need clear space to be installed as minimal contact is required between panel and ceiling and you can set adjustment height to target different frequencies. Additionally, Horizon™ can be attached to walls as a demountable acoustic panel for cleaning and the panels are UV resistant so that its colour won’t fade. Horizon™ is available in 5 geometric shape styles and a range of colours, however if you are looking to customise your own innovative idea, speak with the Autex customisation team!

Accent Ceiling Tiles

Accent Ceiling Tiles are a high-performance acoustic ceiling tile, designed to fit standard ceiling grids. Quietspace® Accent Ceiling Tiles are available in two styles; square edge and rebated edge for a strong and defined ceiling pattern. Available in smooth classic white face and can be combined with colours from the Autex Cube™ range. The Accent ceiling tile range is suitable for a variety of application including; hospitals and healthcare facilities, conference rooms, school classrooms, halls and auditoriums, and retail stores. 


Cove™ is designed from Autex Cube™ and is available in 13 vibrant colours with 3 different styles; Arc, Bevel and Classic. Cove™ is a lightweight, semi-rigid and pin-receptive acoustic panel which promotes an acoustically balanced work place.

Quietspace Case Study

Hilton Brown Swimming Complex worked with Autex to install Workstation, Quietspace Lattice, Frontier products to improve their facilities. Previously, noise level had been an issue as many times it was too loud for patrons within the swimming complex to hold a normal conversation. The co-director at Hilton Brown Swim School had a vision to create a child friendly, fun, vibrant, and calming zone for its occupants. Autex engineers and designer worked with the co-director to achieve this vision. After the Quietspace panels were installed there was a noticeable decrease in the acoustics of the room, making it a more user-friendly environmentally.

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Buy Autex Quietspace Insulation Online - Polyester Acoustic Insulation
Buy Autex Quietspace Insulation Online - Polyester Acoustic Insulation
Buy Autex Quietspace Insulation Online - Polyester Acoustic Insulation
Buy Autex Quietspace Insulation Online - Polyester Acoustic Insulation
Buy Autex Quietspace Insulation Online - Polyester Acoustic Insulation