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Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation

Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation is designed to reduce the transfer of noise between rooms and floors of a double storey home. Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation is one of the most popular products on the Australian market due to their high quality and low itch factor.

Benefits of Earthwool Sound Shield

  • Excellent acoustic & thermal performance
  • Reduces sound transfer between rooms and floors of a home
  • Improved indoor environment & greater privacy
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Low itch factor
  • Odourless & rot proof
  • No added formaldehyde or synthetic dyes
  • Durable with 50 years warranty

How is Knauf acoustic insulation manufactured?

Knauf Earthwool is a type of glasswool (also called fibreglass) manufactured from recycled glass bottles. It offers several advantages over traditional glasswool products due to revolutionary ECOSE technology which involves the binding of fibres by a sustainable bio-based binder. Knauf acoustic insulation avoids using any harsh chemicals such as phenol or formaldehyde that are found in more traditional glasswool products. 

Earthwool sound insulation is a natural brown colour because no dyes or artificial colours are added. Those looking for a sustainable, environmentally-friendly option for acoustic insulation will find Earthwool Sound Shield is the leader in its category. 

How does Sound Shield Insulation work?

Not all insulations are equal when it comes to their acoustic properties. Sound Shield insulation is specially designed and manufactured to effectively absorb and reduce noise transfer. Earthwool acoustic batts are denser and thicker than traditional thermal insulation, making them far more effective at keeping your home quiet. That doesn’t mean sound insulation isn’t effective thermally. Actually, Sound Shield Insulation offers all the benefits of traditional thermal insulation products. 

For superior thermal performance, look for products with higher R-values. The R-value will indicate how well an insulation product resists heat flow and the higher you go, the more energy savings you will see.

Where to install Earthwool acoustic batts

Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation can be installed almost anywhere in the home. At Pricewise Insulation, we supply Sound Shield Insulation for internal and external walls, ceilings, floors and between floors of multi-storey homes. 

Earthwool sound insulation in the external walls will help reduce the transfer of outside noises into your home and it will also keep your indoor noises private from the outside. If you install Earthwool acoustic insulation in your internal walls, you can help reduce noise travel within your own home, giving all members of the house privacy. 

Acoustic insulation in the ceiling can help dampen the noise from wind and rain or planes flying overhead, while in the floor, it can help reduce the sound of footsteps. Don’t forget Sound Shield Insulation can be installed in between the floors of multi-storey house. It will play a significant role in reducing noise transfer from upstairs.

Earthwool Acoustic Insulation - easy to handle & soft to touch

One of the factors that makes Earthwool acoustic insulation so popular is how soft it is to touch. Earthwool acoustic batts don’t have the itch factor that traditional glasswool products are notorious for, making them great for DIY installations. The lower itch factor is in part due to ECOSE technology and the absence of harsh chemicals. Additionally, longer strands of fibre means less strands altogether, and less strand ends which are the culprits of the itchiness.

Earthwool acoustic batts come pre-cut to fit snugly in most Australian homes, but they are also very easy to cut yourself when required. Because of their high compressive factor, you’ll get more square meters per package, making them easy to transport and less wasteful.