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Expanding Foam Insulation – Slab Insulation Application

Installing concrete slab insulation can add extra comfort and warmth to your home and allow you to save on energy usage and bills. Up to 25% of a building’s heat loss, occurs as it escapes through uninsulated areas below ground such as foundations and concrete slabs. As insulation below-grade is often exposed to moist soil, it is necessary to choose insulation that is water and moisture resistant and able to dry quickly. As ground level temperatures fluctuate in most populated parts of Australia, slab insulation can sustain stable slab temperatures and reduces heat loss to the ground and minimize heat gain from the ground.  
The Building Code of Australia (BCA) mandates slab-edge insulation if any form of heating is installed in the slab to ensure that heat is preserved for a longer period of time. For example, hydronic heating which uses solar heated water and distributes it throughout the building and foundation slab, and electric resistance heating which is the most common type of slab heating and is attached to the reinforcement before the slab is poured. Installing under-slab and slab-edge insulation allows you to moderate and maintain the temperature of the slab at and just below-ground level. 

Other XPS insulation Applications

XPS insulation is suitable for a wide range of commercial and building applications, these include; under concrete slabs and can be installed around trenches, in between pods and around edge beams. Can also be applied to flat roofs like green roofs, wall and ceiling insulation, cool rooms and refrigeration, and cavity walls. XPS Insulation products at available at Pricewise Insulation include;
•Kingspan XPS Syrozone Insulation
•Knauf ClimaFoam XPS Inuslation
•Fletcher Insulboard PolyStyrene Insulation
•DC Tech XPS Insulation

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