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Rockwool Insulation

As its name suggests rockwool insulation is made from rock and its greatest feature is its fire-resistant properties. Rockwool Insulation is a long performance product and does not degrade over time. Like other insulation types, rockwool is available in different dimensions to suit your application. This product is dense and does not lose its form, making it an easy batt to install.

What is Rockwool Insulation?

Rockwool is also referred to as ‘mineral wool’ and is made of natural rock. This process involves heating the rock to extremely high temperatures, which melts the rock to a magma-like liquid consistency. This material is then pushed through a high-pressure system and spun at super-high speeds, resulting in long fine fibre strands. These strands are then arranged into thick dense mats, which are then cut to size for insulation batts.

Why Install Rockwool Insulation?

Rockwool is commonly referred to as fire-resistant insulation because of its exceptionally high fire ratings. This product is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. However, Rockwool Insulation is a pricier product compared with glasswool (fibreglass) products and is usually prioritized in multi-dwelling buildings where it is used in partition walls.

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